Vastu Health Tips: 5 Items That You Must Avoid Keeping Near Your Bed

Vastu Shastra literally translates to “science of architecture.” It has texts based on the traditional Indian system of architecture. It is often seen that following Vastu shastra while building a house is highly beneficial for health, wealth, and many other factors.

However, Vastu shastra is not limited to following the principles of design, layout, and measurements, ground preparation while building a house, it also describes space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Knowing what to keep in which room and at what direction can surprisingly improve health conditions and bring good luck to your home.

One of the most important health related factor is a goodnight sleep. It is extremely important to sleep for healthy mind and body. Sleep helps in healing our physical and mental pain, it also takes care of a healthy blood flow in our body. But, is it possible in today’s world to get a good sleep? According to Vastu Acharya Manoj Srivastava, our subconscious mind is most active when we are sleeping hence, it is important to be aware of what energies are we feeding our mind during our sleep.

Vastu taking care of what all things we should surround ourselves with, especially when we sleep, can effect our psyche, mood, behaviour and even body organs. Read further to learn about the five most important changes one needs to make in their bedroom, according to Vastu sashtra.

Mobile Phones

As it is clear that Vastu Sashtra is basically science, it is obvious to have technology on the list. As phones are an integral part of our lives today, it is hard to keep it away from us even when we sleep. However, the least we can do is not keep it under our pillow while we sleep. It is no secret that as mobile phones are continuously in touch with the mobile tower, it generate a lot of electromagnetic radiation. The situation worsens when the phone is on charge or you are on a poor network area. The radiation surrounding the phone can damage our brain and slower the process of our growth. To avoid such detrimental effects from electronics such as phones and tabs, either switch it off or keep it in airplane mode while you sleep. However, if it is not possible to turn it off then at least place it more than 7 feet away from your sleeping position.

WiFi Routers

Being a part of modern technology, WiFi Routers are no safer than mobile phones. In fact they generate more radiation in comparison to the phone. Therefore, avoid installing WiFi routers in the bedrooms at all. However, if there is no other option, then at least turn it off at night.

Soft Toys

Although it might seem like a good idea to decorate your bedroom with soft toys, it is actually considered a poor plan in Vastu shastra. Doesn’t matter how squishy or cozy your soft toy may feel, it has the capability to lower your self-esteem. Soft toys not only soak moisture, dirt and dust from the environment, it also takes in all negative emotions and bad intentions. Having it in your bedroom can effect your sleep and leave you with nightmares and mental disturbances.

Box Beds

Box beds are a modern invention which is solves the storage problem in today’s generation. In modern apartment living there is no proper space for storage, therein, people clutter their box beds with stuffs. Therefore, one must avoid sleeping on such inventions where air cannot circulate freely below the bed. A heavy and cluttered space can effect your subconscious in feeling dull when you wake up.

Dark Paintings

Most people like to hang a large painting behind their bed or somewhere in their bedroom. If the painting is bright and joyful then it is definite to help you enjoy a good night sleep. But hanging a dark painting, showing dark emotions, will dampen your mood and spirit. It is in fact better not to hang any painting behind your bed.

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