UIDAI issues important information for all Aadhaar card holders, check details

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued an important notice for all the Aadhaar holders of the country. In general, most of the people crumple their Aadhaar cards and do not take proper care of them. Many people frequently twist it, causing it to tear while some of them tamper it in various ways. However, it has made no difference to Aadhaar card holders because all they needed is their 12-digit Aadhaar number to complete their work. But now that will no longer be the case as the UIDAI has urged all cardholders to safeguard their Aadhaar cards and not tamper with them in any form.

The UIDAI on its Twitter handle has instructed all Aadhaar cardholders that before using their Aadhaar card as proof of identity, they need to verify its authenticity. The QR code printed on the Aadhaar card must be scanned to verify its authenticity. If your Aadhaar card has been damaged for any reason then it will be difficult to check its veracity with the help of the QR code.

As the scanner will be unable to read the QR code on your damaged Aadhaar card, all your Aadhaar related work cannot be done. Therefore, it is now very important to take proper care of your Aadhaar card and not to damage it in any way.

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