This is how you can get DL without driving test at RTO

Earlier, you had to go to the Regional Transport Office (RTO)  for a driving license as well as give a driving test, after which you were issued a driving license. This whole process took a lot of time. However, you will no longer have to go through this process to get a driving license.

In fact, a new rule has been notified by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) for making driving license. According to the new rule, now you will have to register in the accredited Driving Training School and after passing the driving test here, you will be issued a driving license. Let us tell you that this new rule will start from July.

The special thing is that the driving training school in which you will register should be fully recognized and when you pass the driving test of this driving training school, you will be given a driving license very easily. Thus you need not to go to the Regional Transport Office.

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Let us tell you that hundreds of driving applications come to the RTO every day and the RTO has to make a lot of effort in getting the driving test done for such a large number of applicants, as well as a lot of time was wasted in it and the applicant may be many times had to go to the RTO. However, now the applicants who want to get the license will get freedom from this cumbersome process.

Let us tell you that electronic details of the entire process of driving license test will be kept. Let us tell you that only those training centers will be recognized for the driving test, which will meet the guidelines, for example, they will have facilities like space, driving track and biometrics. If this is not the case then the Driving Training Centers will not be recognized and you will not be given a driving license even after passing the driving test from such centres.

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