This eye drop approved by US can help you to eliminate reading glasses

In what can be considered a piece of great and good news for the people who are facing eyesight issues and are addicted to reading glasses as the United States Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the first eye drop that can eliminate the need for reading glasses. The federal agency has approved the eye drop ‘Vuity’ to improve age-related near-vision.

According to reports, the Vuity drop is most effective in people aged between 40 and 55. They can apply one drop to each eye daily which starts working 15 minutes after application and provides a better vision for the next six to ten hours.

The reported that the Vuity is a formulation of a well-known drug known as pilocarpine. “Researchers used technology to allow for the eye drop to rapidly adjust to the pH of the tear film. Vuity takes advantage of our eyes’ ability to reduce pupil size — near- and intermediate vision improves, while distance vision is retained,” it added.

As per the reports, the researchers conducted two randomized clinical trials of the Vuity drop among as many as 750 subjects with presbyopia, aged 40 to 55 years old. While 350 participants got the Vuity drop, the other 350 participants were given the placebo eye drops. However, the new eye drop (Vuity drop) started to have a positive impact.

Though the participants did not have any serious side effects, the most common adverse reactions that they had included are mild headaches and eye redness. This apart, some users may also have temporary challenges in adjusting their focus after applying the Vuity drop.

Each prescription of Vuity eye drop lasts roughly 30 days, which costs around $79.

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