Tamil Nadu Girl Makes Homemade, Eco-Friendly Mosquito Trap Using Old Tyres, Video Becomes Viral

All of us are well aware that mosquitoes always cause havoc in our lives. We all get number of diseases because of them. Besides, we cannot sleep peacefully in their presence. Scientists and researchers have come up with several medicines to get read of the mosquitoes. People are using them but at a time they are cost effective. However, a nine-year-old girl from Tamil Nadu has made a cost-effective mosquito trap which can be used by all and sundry.

The girl’s name is Indira who is a resident of Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu.

In a video shared by her on the YouTube, it is seen that she has made a simple and cost-effective method of homemade trap for mosquitos. She has used the Ovillantas concept to develop it.

She has used a 13-inch old tyre, 1 hanger, a 1-inch PVC pipe, filter paper, a bottle filled with water, silicone glue, ball valve and PVC glue to make the cost-effective mosquito trap, which can also be used to trap other insects.

In the video Indira explains how the tyre is needed to be cut into two halves in order to make an oval with the opening and the bottom piece of the one half-cut tyre is then filled with water. Next, a valve to release the solution is needed to be placed at the base of the trap which would make it easier to drain and filter the entire device. After a couple of days, when the insects get stuck inside the structure, the valve can be utilised to drain out the water, flushing out the flies and their eggs along with it using a chlorine solution.

The best part of her mosquito trap is that it can be easily hung on walls or even in outdoor.

Meanwhile, the video has become viral.

Watch Video Here: (Credit: BIOLOGY STUDY CLASS)


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