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Summer seasonal fruits in India and their health benefits

Apples are sweeter during fall and oranges are juicier in winter. It is because every seasonal fruit tastes better in its season.

Our forefathers have often advised us to consume as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible instead of relying on certain few for the entire year. Do you know why? According to nutritionists, with every season, there are climatic changes that affect everything around- including fruits and vegetables. Therefore, to accommodate these changing seasons without getting ill, foods produced in particular climatic condition provides the best nutritional values.

If you mark carefully, apples are sweeter during fall and oranges are juicier in winter. It is because every seasonal fruit tastes better in its season, as it naturally ripens to reach its wholesome taste and nutritional richness. Read further to know the benefits of a few seasonal fruits of summer, which are delicious and great for maintaining summertime health.

Summers are the most sensitive as the body gets dehydrated very quickly, and energy levels drop drastically. Hence, it is important to maintain the correct water levels to keep the energy level balanced during the hot climate. To ensure that your body gets a sufficient amount of water and a nutritional balance, it is very important to consume enough seasonal fruits that are extremely juicy and keep you stay active and fresh.

Here are some seasonal fruits and their benefits:

  • Watermelon

It is impossible to not have watermelons during summer. There is nothing like ‘too much watermelon.’ It is one of the seasonal summer fruit that aids as a one-single solution to all your summer-related health issues. It can help prevent health issues such as skin breakouts, kidney stones, muscle soreness, asthma, water retention, constipation, and heart disease.

  • Muskmelon

Muskmelon is yet another addition to the melon family that is high in water content. However, apart from dehydration, it can bring relief to those suffering from sleep disorders. This seasonal fruit controls blood pressure and prevents eye problems too.

  • Lychee

Lychee is not only delicious, but it is also very high in nutrients. Every 100 grams of fresh lychees contains about 66 kcal, 0.83 g of protein, 0.44 g of fat, 1.3 g of fiber, and 16.5 g of carbohydrates. If consumed daily, this miraculous fruit is great for the skin and helps maintain eye, heart, and bone health. In addition, lychee helps lose weight faster, manages acidity, promotes anti-aging, and helps with indigestion due to its fibrous nutrients.

  • Mango

Summer is the season for the king of fruits, the Mango. It is hard to not have enough of this sweet luscious fruit in summer. But apart from its delicious taste, mangoes are also filled with nutrients that help prevents diseases related to the heart. Moreover, with its seasonal consumption, it helps avoid cancer formation and related risk factors.

  • Limes

Limes are a super seasonal fruit that comes with a ton of medicinal properties. Drinking a glass of lime juice every day can help you stay fit. It helps you beautify both internally and externally, and boosts energy levels as well.

  • Jackfruit

Jackfruit is known to prevent colon cancer threats, but do you know this antioxidant-rich seasonal fruit is also good for the skin? Jackfruit can make your skin glow and improve skin complexion.

  • Champagne Grapes

Champagne grapes are very helpful for those who suffer from migraine headache, it provides relief. It also helps heal kidney disorders and controls blood pressure.

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