Study reveals working women are more desired as potential partner, presents its first-ever edition of India's Most Eligible shaadi report. The version contains perceptive and fascinating.

New Delhi:, presents its first-ever edition of India’s Most Eligible shaadi report. The version contains perceptive and fascinating information about what qualities a spouse should have and don’t have. The matrimonial platform, which has amassed over 50 million users to date and has more than 20 years of expertise in the lucrative matchmaking industry, is the source of this exhaustive almanack.

The study’s foundation differs depending on things like profession, age, income, and location. The study effectively covers all of India, from metropolises to small towns and rural areas, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Assam to Ahmedabad.

The research highlights the following elements that influence someone’s desirability in the context of finding a life partner. The research is based on a sample of 2.5 million users who actively used between December 1, 2021, and December 31, 2022, of whom 1.6 million are men and 0.9 million are women. The study’s subjects are all Indians who have used the platform actively for at least one week in the previous 12 months, making the research’s conclusions particularly current and pertinent.

Key Highlights (all factors are comparative to the common average):

Government jobs still rule the roost: India’s most eligible female is a Law Enforcement Officer, while India’s most eligible male works in the Civil Services.

Financial independence is important among men and women: Men making 30L+ p.a. are 190 percent more desired, whereas women making 30L+ p.a. are 17 per cent more desired.

Age hits men first: Contrary to popular narratives, age hits men harder in matchmaking and men after the age of 34-35 yrs find it hard to find matches. There are over 6,500 active members on the platform, who are aged 60+ yrs and are keen to give love a second chance. In fact, the oldest members are 79 yrs (Male) and 72 yrs (Female).

Jobs in Civil services and Tech are most desired among men, while Aviation professionals and Architects are most desired among women. Men in civil services and tech are 2x more desired as compared to men in other professions, whereas women in aviation are 47 percent more desired vs women in other professions.

Increase in average age of singles seeking matchmaking: The average age of starting the matchmaking journey has gone up by 2 yrs in the past decade, with men’s age going up by 2.5 yrs and women’s by 1 yr.

Working women receive more love: Non-working women are 31 percent less desired vs average, breaking the myth of Indian men seeking home-makers.

Expanding on the findings, Adhish Zaveri, AVP Marketing, People Interactive Pvt Ltd., adds, “This study indicates that as a nation, while we’re moving in the right direction for gender equality in marriages, we still have a long way to go in terms of truly balanced relationships. Who we find desirable is really the first point of establishing what this equation would look like after the Shaadi and the insights we’ve uncovered in this study are an honest reflection of India’s view on desirability in the context of finding a life partner. Aspects such as higher desirability for working women and specifically those with higher income, are early indicators that we are making important strides in bringing and retaining women in the workforce.”

(Inputs from IANS)

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