Sky high crazy rent! Rs 81,000 per month for a balcony room with a bed

The room rent range has been increasing across the world day-by-day, but you will be surprised to know how much does a balcony room with only a bed costs. Internet users were left surprised after seeing a landlord in Sydney’s Facebook advertisement that shows an enclosed balcony with a bed for rent at $969, which is Rs 81,003 in Indian Rupees a month.

The land lord has also shared images of the balcony. The images show the room decked out with a single bed, a mirror, blinds, and a rug over tiled flooring. Meanwhile, glass sliding doors connect the balcony to the rest of the property. The reflection in a full-length mirror shows that an adjacent wall is also made of glass.

The Facebook Marketplace listing reveals that the balcony is in Haymarket in Sydney’s inner suburbs and describes the place as a ”sunny room” that is fit to accommodate one person. No matter how sunny the room is, Rs 81,003 for an enclosed balcony is really expensive. Now, the post has gone viral on social media websites.

The landlord said the room was ready for a prospective tenant to “move in now,” with the weekly rent “including bills.” The balcony is attached to a two-bedroom apartment, which is available for rent separately at $1300 a week, excluding bills. ”Share the bathroom with only 1 person. Ready to move in now. Easy to go anywhere,” the listing read.

Internet users were left amused by the post and reacted with jokes. ”That’s an amazing view,” one user wrote, while another commented, ”Good luck with that! You are crazy.” A third said, ”well it gets great light.”

Notably, Sydney has seen a notable increase in rental prices for houses, reflecting strong demand and limited supply. Sydney’s median rent remained at a record high of $750 a week in the 2024 June quarter. The rising rental prices was due to low interest rates, economic recovery, and population growth.

In highly competitive areas, prospective tenants are often forced into bidding wars, offering above the listed rental price to secure a property. This practice further inflated rental prices, elevating the high rental issue further.

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