Sip Smart, Sip Healthy with these 5 alternatives to sugary drinks

It is high time we explore alternatives to sugary drinks that keep our bodies healthy and our taste buds relished.

Many of us always find ourselves indulging in sugary soft drinks without giving it a second thought. The tempt of these carbonated and sweetened beverages can be hard to resist, but have you ever stopped for a second to think about the impact these might cause on your health?

With concerns rising about effects of excessive sugar consumption on our bodies, it is high time we explore the possible alternatives that allow us to relish flavorful drinks while keeping our health in mind. Scroll below to know with us, some alternatives to sugary drinks that not only quench your thirst, but also nourish your bodies, leaving your bodies energized.

Dive in to find out!

1) Fruit infused water

Fruit-infused water gives sufficient hydration of a cool glass of water and the sweet and tangy flavors of your chosen ingredients. The main benefits of drinking infused water come from the simple fact that it’s water. By infusing tasty flavors, many people tend to drink more water. Infusion can thus be a way to make water more appealing.

2) Herbal Iced Tea

Tea is the most frequently consumed beverage in the world, after water. Herbal tea acts as a great source of hydration. Tea has about eight to 10 times the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Researches have shown that drinking tea is likely to prevent tooth loss. That is because tea changes the pH level in your mouth, which may prevent cavities.

3) Lime Soda

Lime yet is another excellent source of antioxidants that protect your body by preventing or stopping the damage that is caused by free radicals, or chemicals that harm cells. Lime is also a good source of Potassium, Vitamin A,B,C, and D, Calcium, as well as Magnesium. Lime water contributes towards improving your overall health and maintaining your weight.

4) Coconut Water

Coconut water provides a good source of nutrients and electrolytes It is also known to reduce blood pressure and stroke risk. Coconut water promotes healthy skin and also assists in managing weight. Drinking coconut water regularly will reduce the overall sugar intake in your body.

5) Cold Coffee

Apart from being one of the wonderful alternatives to sugary drinks, coffee helps in boosting your metabolism. It is also known to lift up your mood. Additionally, coffee lowers the risk of heart disease and also lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

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