Shocking! Toddler walks along fourth floor rack of apartment #Watch

A shocking incident took place Saturday in the Tenerife Island in Spain. A toddler was seen walking along the edge of the fourth floor. After coming out of a window she walked to the balcony of an apartment and then returned back to the window. The terrifying video had been recorded by someone that surfaced later. The very risky walk of the kid could be fatal since there was no support for her to hold. It was completely a free walk. If the toddle would have lost her footing she would have fallen to death.

As seen in the video the child walks to a balcony on the corner of the building before making her way back to her family’s flat at Playa Paraíso in Adeje, Tenerife.

Police of Spain’s Canary Islands knew about the shocking incident on Monday, reports Spanish TV channel La Sexta. As per reports, the child’s family members were in that apartment on a holiday vacation.

The mother was thought to have been in the shower when the child made its escape, according to Antena3. One neighbour said they were surprised ‘something worse has not happened’ while another said ‘luckily no wind was blowing’. As per reports, the building managers have sent a safety report to the town hall in response to the incident.

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