Rare Snake With Half-Moon Shaped Head spotted, Stumps Experts In US

A rare snake was found recently the United States that had  a half-moon shaped head. The experts admitted that they had never seen anything like it before.

According to reports, the Virginia Wildlife Management and Control’s Snake Identification Hotline was recently contacted from the Midlothian region to identify a strange-looking reptile. The members found the snake to be of 10 to 12 inches long. As they could not recognize the species, they sought public help in its identification.

“The problem is, we’ve never seen anything like it before and we’re not sure if it’s a freak of nature, like the 2 headed copperhead, that we were involved with, a few years ago. So if anyone has any idea what it is, please feel free to comment,” the wildlife management company wrote in the post.

Many people commented on the company’s two Facebook posts. Interestingly, finally it was found that it was not a snake rather it was a worm. The company revealed that it was a hammerhead worm, an invasive species native to Southeast Asia posted in an updated post.

Notably, the hammerhead worm are tough to kill as they can regenerate from even small amputated bits of their bodies.

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  1. Deep Mamgar says

    This type of snake reptile which photo was post there it was easily found at our locality it length about 15 CM something

  2. Rajiv says

    In India its available

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