Rail Madad portal can help you solve your train related problems, here’s how

The Indian railways has launched several services to help the people or passengers and make their journey safe and smooth. The Rail Madad portal is one of such people-centric service.

The Rail Madad Portal has been developed to enable Railway pax. to lodge a complaint or give suggestion through on line, app., or SMS and facility to track live status of complaints and provide feedback based on their satisfaction with the resolution.

The objective of Rail Madad Portal is to enhance experience of Railways passengers with swift and satisfactory resolution of complaints.

With Rail Madad Portal, one can lodge any complaint relating only to ‘Train’ or ‘Station.’ People not just lodge their complaints, they can give any suggestion relating only to ‘Train’ or ‘Station.’

After registering the complaint, one can track live status of the complaint by clicking on ‘TRACK COMPLAINT’ button after login to the portal.

Most importantly, such complaints also can be sent through post that will be accepted and processed through this portal only.

For more details, visit the Rail Madad portal  by clicking here.

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