Plumber in Scotland finds 135 year old note kept safe in a bottle

The 135 year old note was placed safely in a victorian time bottle. The men mentioned in the note were indeed registered residents in 1880s.

In a recent incident in Scotland, a plumber found a 135 year old note kept safely in a bottle. The message in the piece of paper indicates that the bottle and the note date back to the year 1887. The message reads,“James Ritchie John Grieve laid this floor but they did not drink the whisky. October 6th 1887. Who ever finds this bottle may think our…is blowing along the road.”

The plumber, Peter Allan, was working at Eilidh Stimpson’s home. He was using a radiator and cutting random holes to find the structure of pipework in the house. It was then when he stumbled upon this piece of a treasure, a victorian time bottle with a message, placed safely beneath the floorboards. Upon finding the bottle, he rushed with it to the owner. After much speculations, they broke open the bottle and retrieved the 135 year old note. Stimpson said that they were desperately trying to get the note out with tweezers and pliers, but it started to rip a little. Not wanting to damage it further, they regrettably decided to smash the bottle in order to get access to the note in it.

After a little digging up about the note, Stimpson found that the two men whose names were mentioned in the note were indeed residents of the Newington area in the 1880s. Stimpson took to her Facebook account to share a picture of the bottle found and the letter retrieved from it. The story left the internet amused and curious for further information. Take a look at the post here:

Pic Credits: Hindustan Times
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