Photo Feature: Shining forests of Kandhamal in spring

Botanist Dr Hemant Kumar Sahoo has clicked the photos during his recent visit to Kandhamal

Forests house a large number of trees, shrubs, herbs, and climbers, grown over long periods, which go through natural succession phases to serve as the habitats of diverse native fauna. It is purely a natural process.

Flowers of Kachnar tree

Again, forests turn picturesque during spring. Spring is the time when nature un-wears its ‘green attire’ to wear a brilliantly coloured and decorated new one.

A mango tree in full bloom

It is one of the temperate seasons that can be seen as a time for a new beginning. It is also a season of reproduction.

A flowering twig of mango

It is a time of rebirth, creation, love, hope, youthfulness, and growth. In spring leaves shade, flowers bloom and fruits get multiplied. Bees, butterflies, and others nectar collectors/ foragers fly from flower to flower after getting attracted by the colour, fragrance, shape, size, position and inflorescence arrangements of flowers. And these natural phenomena together can be reduced to a tag – ‘Forest Shining’.

Flowering twig of Mahua

To witness these beautiful natural happenings the author lately visited the forests of Kandhamal when he caged some precious and beautiful natural processes in his camera.  The species in the following photos are native to this land. Forests of Kandhamal district still retain its pristine state as the so-called development activities are yet to start here. And this reporter was intimated by the Botanist that community effort plays a vital role in keeping these trees unharmed.

A Kachnar tree loaded with flowers

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