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People who talk to their pet dogs are wise!


If we ask someone whether he/she shares his/her personal problems with the pet dog, he/she might laugh at us. However, a recent study suggests that people who talk to their pets are wise.

The study was conducted at the University of Chicago. The scientists (in this study) claimed that talking to non-humans or lifeless things might have been considered foolish, but this is the sign of the greatest abilities of the human brain.

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According to these researches, talking to the pet is a process that is called anthropomorphism.

Anthropomorphism is to treat anything or more clearly any non-living thing, with emotions.

The group of researchers have claimed that anthropomorphism makes humans smart and intelligent. The study claims that people who talk to their pets are wise.

Earlier in a Harvard study in 2011, a similar thing had also been claimed. The study claimed that those who love their pets are more intelligent than others.

The recent study further suggests that even your pet becomes smarter with anthropomorphism. It helps your pet dog to understand words and emotion. And they can catch our emotions easily.

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