Pay attention SBI account holders! Uninstall these apps or you may lose all your hard earned money from accounts!

Now every services like food delivery, hotel booking or banking service is available at a tap of a finger. And most of us have already shifted to the digital services including the banking services.

As many people are making transaction online, cybercrimes have also increased in our country.

To assure their customers, many banks have taken various safety measures to keep their alert and educate their users to avoid being the victim of a cyberfraud.

Recently, the State Bank Of India (SBI), one of the mostly visited bank have shared a shared a message to alert its customers on malicious links, apps which may cause users to lose their money.

#ThinkBeforeYouClick, says SBI

“Free Gifts from National Bank of India?”

“Are you receiving these links in your inbox? Steer Clear! Clicking on these phishing links could lead to the loss of your personal and confidential information. Stay alert. Think before you click!,” tweeted SBI.

With this message, the bank is trying to warn its users, about possible malicious links. The bank said that clicking on these links can cause you to lose out on confidential financial data, which might make the customers to lose their hard earned money.

The bank also warned the customers to not download certain kind of application on a mobile phone or computer system, which can cause a phishing attack.

SBI said the user should check the authenticity of the apps before downloading by checking the user reviews and comments.

KYC fraud

Apart from this, the bank also warned users that the KYC fraud is real and is spreading across the country through a tweet. The bank has asked customers to not click on any link which asks them to update their KYC.

In the KYC fraud, the fraudsters will pose as bank employees and will send the link through a message. Then ask people to click on the link and update their details.

If by any chance, one comes across such kind of experience, they can launch a complaint at

The bank has confirmed that SBI will never ask you to update your KYC. The bank has also warned not to share mobile numbers and other confidential data with anyone, to protect against any cybercrime.

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