Pathetic! Man calls friend to save him, then gets washed away in Hyderabad flood

As many as 31 persons have reportedly lost their lives as an effect of the heavy rain in Hyderabad recently. One of these deaths is related to a heart-breaking incident that took place just before the death of a man who possibly made the last call to one of his friends and requested to save him but in vain.

The deceased man had got trapped in the strong current. Though his friend was anxiously answered him but before he could do something to save, the trapped man probably washed away along with his car. His body was found on Thursday.

As per reports, the man was stuck in his car as it washed away in the recent floods in Hyderabad. At this juncture he made a phone call where he desperately asked his friend to save him but in vain. This was probably the last phone call.

In the phone call, the man, identified as Venkatesh Goud, is heard requesting his friend to send someone for help as his car is trapped in a strong current, while it has been obstructed from flowing away only by a tree.

He also reportedly informed his friend that the car tyres were already washed away and the car is filled with water.

His friend on the other side of the phone, reacting anxiously asks him to climb a compound wall or hold on to a nearby tree. To it, Mr Goud replies that though he can see a compound, but once he would get out of the car, he would be washed away in the strong currents. Then he says that even the tree that had hold the car was washed away and the vehicle has started to move.

Now, his friend assures him saying “Please be brave. Nothing will happen to you,” but could not do anything. Mr Goud was later reportedly found dead.

(With inputs from NDTV)

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