Omicron not to dampen Valentine’s Day celebrations: Survey

New Delhi: They say love is in the air, but Covid has made it hard for couples. As if Many cities have already imposed restrictions and partial lockdowns. How will this affect Valentines day plans ?

QuackQuack surveyed its users to understand how the rising cases of the new variant have once again affected their plans for this big day. Among the participants, 64 per cent of the users live in the same city as their partners, while 36 per cent are in a long-distance relationship.

Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of QuackQuack, said, “The pandemic has made things difficult for the couples, but as we say, everything is fair in love. Omicron might have cancelled many plans but couples are getting creative and will use the best of technology to make their day worthy.”

Long-distance relationships saw the worst

Love only through screens, the plight of long-distance relationships or spending months without meeting is tough. With restrictions on flight and the fear of virus transmission, a majority of long-distance couples decided to stay at home for the safety of their loved ones. In the survey, 73 per cent (83 per cent women and 62 per cent men) of users in long-distance relationships mentioned that they haven’t seen their partner for more than six months.

Ready to step out

The majority of men, 68 per cent, are planning to fly to their partner’s city if the government doesn’t impose restrictions on travelling. Whereas, for users in the same city, 69 per cent plan to go out to restaurants or indulge in some fun activity while following all the guidelines. It includes 68 per cent women and 70 per cent men.

Video calls are still the saviour

More than half the women users, 58 per cent think that it is safe to stay at home and spend this valentine’s day the same as they did last year. Whereas, only 34 per cent of men want the same as women. They are planning to have virtual dates and make the best of these times. Couples may try getting intimate and make things spicy.

Beaches for women, mountains for men

What is Valentine’s day if it isn’t celebrated around beaches and mountains? After all, love is about taking risks. Even in the pandemic, 31 per cent of the users want to celebrate V-day in a different city with a romantic view. Most of the women users prefer beaches, while a large number of men want to do something adventurous with their partners like trekking or hiking.

Valentine week plans/ Waiting for hugs and kisses

Along with Valentine’s Day, there are seven different days. The arrival of each day leads to the final big V-day. The survey found out that other than V-day, the majority of the users, 88 per cent are excited for kiss day (42 per cent), hug day (28 per cent) and propose day (18 per cent). After all, for more than two years, kisses and hugs were under surveillance.

The pandemic has made couples do things they never thought of. From proposing on video calls to online movie date nights, couples have prepared themselves for the worst.

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