Odisha Man Develops mechanism with which Bike Won’t Start If Driver Doesn’t Wear Helmet

Bhubaneswar: An Odisha man has devised a mechanism that does not enable a bike to start if the rider has not put on the specific helmet. More clearly, if the bike owner’s helmet is not locked, his bike will not start.

Name of the project is ‘No helmet, No bike’. According to the developer, who is an electrical mechanic, he has devised it to check theft of bikes. Besides, after clubbing of the new traffic rules, many riders have been fined for not wearing helmet. In this nexus, as this mechanism will not allow the bike to start, if the rider has not worn the helmet, there is no chance of being victim of penalty.

When it comes to the technology, there are three circuits and a sensor system in this mechanism. Once the helmet is locked then only the sensor will pass the mechanical message to the engine and resultantly current will flow to the key chamber and the bike will start.

According to the developer, the mechanism has been developed only with a mere amount of only Rs. 700.

Keeping in view the huge number of road mishaps and resultant deaths, the mechanism has been devised, the developer said.

By education the developer has studied up to Matric. Yet, his development is at par with an avid mechanical engineer.

Another specialty of the mechanism is that even if someone somehow manages to start the bike and drives it, the engine will stop after a short distance.

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