Nurse treating coronavirus patients mimes a hug to her daughter

New Delhi: A heartbreaking video of a nurse treating coronavirus patients in China and giving an air hug to her sobbing daughter is going viral on the internet and some people are getting emotional as well.

The video was tweeted by Chinese state media outlet Xinhua with the caption: “A Chinese nurse in a coronavirus-hit hospital in Henan Province gives her sobbing daughter an ‘air hug.’ #coronavirus.”

In the video, the nurse can be seen wearing protective clothing, a facemask and stands several metres away from her daughter as the young girl sobs and says: “Mum, I really miss you.”

In response, the mother replies, “Mum misses you too, let me give you a hug,” before reaching out and miming a cuddle. When the girl asks if her mother can “come home sooner”, she tells her that she is “fighting a monster” and as soon as the virus is defeated, “mum will be home”.

As the video went viral, social media got flooded with reactions from people. From getting emotional to sharing their own experiences, people posted many reactions.

A user wrote, “This is so painful. May God help Chinese win this monster. Kudos to the nurse.”

Another wrote, “Touchy…I am afraid of extinction of human races by such virus if not cured properly. Wish you all get well soon.”

A post read, “Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. All these families have a hard time. But this is not permanent. I hope everything goes well soon.”

“I was just like the little one when my mum was on the frontline fighting SARS as a doctor 17 years ago,” read another post.

A user remarked, “I can’t help but cry when I see this scene. It’s not easy for frontline medical staff to be dedicated.”

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