Most sensitive body parts of female, how to stimulate them

A new study has analysed the effects of light touch, pressure, and vibration on the female body to find out exactly where the most sensitive areas are. As per reports, a Canadian team at the Université du Québec à Montréal analysed thirty healthy women aged between 18 and 35 years old.

As per the finding of the research, for a light touch, the neck was most sensitive, for pressure, the clitoris and nipple were most sensitive, and for vibration, the clitoris was the most sensitive part of the body.

The results give an unprecedented glimpse into exactly how women become aroused.

As per the researchers, their work could have implications for those undergoing breast augmentation and gender reassignment surgery.

They were assessed on the perineum (clitoris, labia minora, vaginal, and anal margin), breast (lateral, areola, nipple), and control body locations (neck, forearm, abdomen).

The test

The team asked the women to get undressed and lie on a table covered in a bedsheet. The participants were asked to wear goggles to blindfold them during testing.

They then used scientific instruments to apply the various forms of touch. The researchers applied stimulation for 1.5 seconds, then waited for five seconds before asking the women if they felt it.

‘This study focused particularly on younger women to establish the first series of normative data for a light touch, pressure, and vibration sensitivity on the perineum and breast area,’ they wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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‘Few studies explored multiple sensory detection thresholds on the perineum and breast, but these normative data may provide standards for clinical conditions such as aging, genital and breast surgeries, pathological conditions affecting the genitals, and sexual function.’

The results found that sensitivity levels varied hugely depending on the pressure being used.

The genitals were found to be more sensitive to pressure and vibration compared with a light touch, which is interesting given the role of pressure (e.g., penetration) and vibration (e.g., sex toys) in sexual activities,’ they wrote.

‘Within the genital area, the vaginal margin also appears most sensitive to light touch,’

Researchers also analysed breast volume, body mass index, hormonal contraception, menstrual cycle, and sexual orientation – and said they do not seem to influence the results.

Sexual abstinence and body piercing may have some impact, the team said. (With inputs from Agencies)

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