Most Indians feel helpless, disconnected at home during lockdown: Survey

New Delhi, May 6 (IANS) The home quarantine during several phases of lockdown has left more and more people feeling disconnected, lonely, anxious and uncertain about their future in India, a new survey has found.

An inability to socialise, uncertain future and financial crisis are causing anxiety and psychological inadequacy as people are unable to lead an accustomed life, termed as normal life, according to the survey from research firm Market Xcel.

“While 21 per cent felt helpless, 19 per cent felt confused, a similar number were scared, 13 per cent felt lonely and 10 per cent were anxious, revealed the findings of the survey done across the countries in 60 cities.

“The changes and the chaos that the current situation is bringing in the lives of the people is difficult to comprehend. The situation is amplifying symptoms of helplessness and anxiety among people, as their minds are constantly dealing with fear and frustration with
respect to an uncertain future,” said the survey.

Loss of jobs/cash crunch, pay cuts, health risks are haunting everyone and the pandemic has put most in a common league to fight between life and livelihood.

Clean environment is a silver lining in these dark days.

“Though no amount of improvement in our climate can make up for the loss of lives, suffering and pain that people are going through, still, 70 per cent respondents feel the positive change with respect to the outer environment,” the findings showed.

Self isolation has also carved “my space” in the lives of people at home.

“Exploring forgotten habits/ passion in these lockdown hours is gaining momentum. The unhurried life is giving people their own space to get involved in activities like recreational cooking, rediscovering self talents, playing indoor games, etc,” the survey noted.

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