Monthly Horoscope for October 2021: Check astrological prediction for Aries to Pisces

Horoscope is all about future happenings and predictions. Our stars and ruling planets have a lot to say about how the forthcoming time will be. So here goes the complete horoscope from Aires to Pisces for the month of October. Know what the zodiacs have for you in bucket.



The planetary alignment for Aries will bring clearance to long-term plans with a significant partner in business or love. This month might bring a clear view of point on every field. However, the retrograding Mercury in solar seventh house of the sign through most of the month, could bring Aries to a point where they can’t see eye to eye and come to an agreement.

The effect of the new moon starting from October 6 could bring an opportunity to renegotiate and discuss other ideas, which would ultimately help move forward once the retrograde decrease towards the end of the month.

The full moon that will appear on October 20, is the most important event for Aries this month, as it falls in their zodiac sign. This will bring culmination regarding a major personal goal or project. Gearing up for a productive future is advisable.

Even though most days of this month might feel especially slow and riddled with delays, many planets awakening this month will bring much more in Aries’s favour to create the life of their dreams. Moreover, it is beneficial to keep patience and move one step at a time, especially when it comes to signing contracts, launching endeavors, and making things official. The end of the month is likely to bring happiness.



October will encourage Taurus to truly assess their professional life. With so much planetary activity happening on this sign’s house of employment, it is clear that Taureans are working hard on the job, taking on more projects, and collaborating with many people.

The new moon on October 6, will add even more responsibilities to their shoulders but being the mighty bull they will handle it well. On the other hand, Mercury, our cosmic messenger, will be causing confusion, delays, and stagnation. Which means that when Taurus will be trying their best to reach their targets, something will still miss. Giving your best to focus and taking time rather than racing along and doing anything sloppily is highly advisable.

The planetary alignment of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury for the sign will mark that very soon all of the stars will be on their side to help them truly make their mark in your industry. Success and power are likely to fall upon Taureans this month, but it is also crucial to fine-tune plans and projects to be just right.

The appearance of the full moon on the twentieth of the month could bring a little depression and feeling of low stamina. Therefore, it is better to do your best to lay low and relax to prevent from burning out.

This month might bring spark on relationships as Venus will highlight intimacy through all of October. Around the thirtieth, the presence of Mars on the sign’s house of opportunity, will bring working as a team on important matters.



With Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, being out of sync, nothing could feel like moving smoothly. This could also bring an experience of miscommunication or confusion around matters of love, creativity, expression, hobbies, or children. This feeling is likely to continue until the end of the month.

However, despite the downfall, the mighty Mars will keep energizing this sector with passion all month. Even though a Gemini might go back and forth with his/her decisions, the universe just wants them to be truly happy

Venus on the other hand will enter the solar house of romance, bringing more sweetness to relationships. There is a chance crossing paths with someone special.

The full moon on the twentieth will highlight network and connections. A call from a dearly beloved friend or opportunity to attend a fabulously exciting event, is likely to happen. Someone might even step in to open a doorway to one of your greatest personal hopes and dreams at this time. Moreover, focus on on what fulfills you this month, and go with the flow rather than try to fight against the wind.



October could feel especially slow for you, Cancer. But as they progress through the month, several planets will awaken and bring more speed back to Cancerian’s life.

The Mercury retrograde might bring an experience of confusion or delays around family, domestic, or real estate matters. The mighty Mars however, will energize this sector all month and the new moon on the sixth will bring even more motivation. Cancerians must know that they can still make things happen if they focus on taking their time.

October 7 will bring sweet romance, so maybe use the early part of the month to chase what the heart desire. This month will also bring important professional news, showing that this month is packed with important transits. Appearance of full moon could get you awarded, bring promotion, or recognition, depending on how hard you’ve worked over the past six months. Use this chance to prove yourself and don’t let the world pass you by this month.



Leo, your ideas will be of major importance this month. The new moon’s appearance will prove you to be hard at work on a writing, speaking, advertising, or contractual matter. A great deal of short-distance travel, especially with a partner or to see a sibling, might also be in the to-do list for this month.

During the new moon on October 6, expect delays, confusion, or frustration. If there is a contract to sign, probably wait till the eighteenth of the month.

The planetary alignments this month ensures that the pace of life will quicken quite rapidly toward the end of the month. Venus will bring fire within the heart, this is an excellent opportunity to let your hair down, have fun, and indulge in what sets your soul ablaze. Single Leos have a great chance to meet someone new, while committed ones can enjoy more pleasure with their one and only or children.

the full moon, could get you tied up in important legal matters but, Leos might most importantly be focused on an academic, media, travel, or immigration matter.



October could be full of challenges for Virgo. Event like delays with checks, confusion around money, or uncertainty regarding your job can top your charts this month.

However, the new moon on October 6, will bring focus to power through the weeks. If you are planning on making a major financial transaction, probably wait until the eighteenth of this month.

The arrival of the full moon in the house of assets on October 20, could be deeply focused on your investments, loans, or debts and may even have the ability to refinance one of them. Some financial help is on the way, do look out for it.



This month Libra is likely to feel confused over every life decisions. It’s like you are trying to fire up for a new start yet meeting several bumps and challenges throughout the journey.

October being the birthday season for Libra, it will bring prosperity and maturity to their lives. The existence of the new moon on October 6 will open a doorway of opportunities for them to run toward a very personal hope, goal, or dream. Mighty Mars will also power through the sign bringing them ambition, energy, and strength. They will feel eager to show the world what they have got and push toward what makes them the happiest.

However, Libras could end up second guessing everything during this time which will inject them with delays and frustrations. This phase will continue until October 18, it is after then the fog will feel like clearing up. Towards the end of the month, the ability to move forward will power up the sign.

The full moon will bring culmination, turning point, awakening, or ending at hand regarding a business or romantic union. Moreover, this could end making you much more committed rather than sending you in other directions. Therefore, work as a team.



Scorpios are highly advisable to listen to their intuition this month. The universe is sending signals, try to keep an open mind. The co-ruling planet of the sign is bringing immense energy, as the mighty Mars shows that you might be busy hustling on a behind-the-scenes project or working on something in solitude. Make sure all the pieces are in place and everything is perfect to debut at the end of the month.

Coming November is likely to be a hustle, therefore it is better to create an ultimate energy bubble in this month only. The new moon will bring peace and help to lie low, rest, recharge, and assess mental health.

The entrance of the sweet Venus on October 7 will spark in romance and pleasure in life of Scorpios during the beginning days of the month.

On October 20, full moon, you will again be putting the finishing touches on a major milestone endeavor. Scorpios could meet an illness or medical issue this month. Therefore it is highly advisable to not neglect one’s physical health at this time, especially because they are likely to sweat a lot this month.

However, as close as they get to their birthday season, they are more likely to get excited. This month Scorpios can focus on preparing how they would like to shine on the coming month.



October is most generous to Sagittarians above all other signs. With so much energy focused on them this month, they are most likely to feel popular than ever. Events such as having fun with friends and attending many joyful celebrations, will add to their to do list this October.

You’re in a social peak at this time, therefore, even though you might find yourself among many past acquaintances, meeting new people will just as much possible.

The new moon on October 6 can be lovely to catch up with and grow closer to someone you deeply care about. Also, you might get reached out by someone in your network regarding an opportunity as they believe you’d be perfect for it.

Until October 18, as the Mercury retrogrades in your house, it will put a major focus on past connections reaching out to you and congratulating you about a recent success. The early part of the month is best for rekindling the connections with anyone you have lost contact with- perhaps someone you wanted to know better.

Sweet Venus meets your sign on the seventeenth, bringing you even more sparkle. Making Sagittarians the most enchanted beings on the planet, the second half of the month will give them the liberty to use their irresistible charm to ask people for favors.

The appearance of the full moon on October 20, will ignite passion in your heart. Sudden rejoice of romance, creativity, or fertility breakthrough is likely to strike.



Capricorn are more likely to focus their energy on fulfilling their ambitions this month. With mighty Mars showering its energy on you, you’re surely to work hard at work knocking out important milestones and projects in your professional life. Many awards, achievements, or opportunities could be presented to you at this time.

Following the new moon on October 6, a chance to rise in your industry could manifest in these days. Yet it could be in regard to a previous opportunity or professional contact from the past. Some delays or confusion around your professional life might get created due to the planetary alignments this month.Therefore, it is smart to postponed launching any new endeavors, or signing any contracts or even making any important decision until later in the month.

Lastly, the full moon on October 20, will turn your attention away from work to towards home, family, or real estate matters. During these days, something could pop up into giving you the chance to stand on steadier ground. Some Capricorns could be moving, fixing up your space, or renovating at this time.



For Aquarius, October could help push into exploring new horizons. But, it will also confuse you into choosing the right direction. This month can get you deeply focused on an academic, spiritual, or intellectual pursuit. Contractual and legal matters may also be consume your mind.

However, if there is any plan regarding International travel or business, or even immigration, October could provide you with some opportunities. The sixth, has a new moon appearing, along with mighty Mars revolving on your house, the whole month can give you the power to get things done and take action.

However, later at eighteenth, Aquarians might feel a little low and uncertain, while facing delays around any of these matters. It would be best to avoid making any major decisions until after that date, if possible. Also the mid month’s planetary alignments might bring the feeling of being at ease and clearheaded as close the November gets.

On last note, the full moon’s appearance on October 20, will help you debut an important message, perhaps in the form of a writing, speaking, advertising, or social media endeavor. You could also be completing an excursion within four days of this lunatic.



October could emphasis mostly on your attention and time on financial matters. You could be facing a major expense or purchase this month.

Moreover, matters of loan major expense or purchase this month may also rise. A flurry of paperwork could consume you, but because of the mighty Mars retrograding on the sphere, it would be ideal to not sign any contract, make major agreements, or make lock down purchases until October 18.

This month could feel like moving slow for you, however it will gain pace towards the end. The new moon will help find more clarity amid the initial Mercury retrograde storm.

Around October 20, the full moon, will help add to your bank account in the form of a large check, raise, or new job offer. Yet if expenses do come your way, it is advisable to keep your wits about you. More money likely still lies ahead.

The movement of sweet Venus on your house on the seventh, will remain there for four weeks. Which means, that your professional life is especially favored as you’re showered with bigger opportunities or awards or recognition for previously completed work.

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