Monthly Horoscope for February 2022; Check astrological prediction for Gemini, Pisces and others

Horoscope is all about future happenings and predictions. Our stars and ruling planets have a lot to say about how the forthcoming time will be. So here goes the complete horoscope from Aires to Pisces for the month of February, 2022. Know what the zodiacs have for you in the bucket.



Maintaining pace in a group project has been tiring isn’t it, Aries? Don’t worry, mercury has started moving on your house of communication from January 14 and moved to your career house on January 25. It is supposed to stay there till February 3, making things easier for you. You have been busy pulling up loose ends and mending issues as a result of giving forward a helping hand. Or maybe you have been distracted trying to fit your idea of previously dreamt big picture into current reality. Either way, you will get a fresh start in around the first week of February, when the air is blowing towards you. When the energy is right, inspiration will come to you and help you narrow down the goals that are best fit in the present moment. Then, you will feel motivated than usual to put in the work in order to gain results. The alignment of the moon in co-ordination with Saturn will very soon push Uranus in your money zone, bringing your financial issue to ease.

In February, you will also be brought upon to the spot light and handed over just another responsibility than usual as a result of your ruling planet Mars moving on to your career house later this month. The month is not only about cranking up your earning potential, though. Around the mid of the month, when the moon revolves around your house of romance and self-expression, you might want to take a break from work and enjoy the V-day.

However, during the end of the month, probably after February 18, your focus will turn inwards. Expect your dreams, meditations, and conversations in therapy to be more intense and insightful.



You might be surrounded by judgement most of the days throughout the month. On the other hand people who take you as competition and rival can do strange things or display unexpected behaviours towards you. If someone seem out of character, you need to keep your distance from them in order keep yourself a safe side. Endure the changes but also don’t let someone use you. You have really had to fight for your corner and stand your ground, don’t loose it that easy. Although judgement shows that the episode with this person has come to an end, yet you should take some time to discuss the issue with this person. Tell them how it made you feel, ask them what started it, what you did to fuel it, what it was all about. Try and get to a new understanding. Be compassionate, listen more than you talk.\

After a brief conversation, this person might either surprise you with reasoning, apology or console you for their actions, or they may show ruthlessness and lack of remorse which is enough for you to say good bye to this friend. Don’t let it go that easy.

During the Valentines day this year, you will need push yourself to speak up in matters of love, Taurus. For example, if you want dinner or presents on Valentine’s Day, make sure that your crush or partner knows that.

A rare cosmic event occurs on February 17. The lucky planet Jupiter, which is currently in Pisces, will make a tour on your sign. This will increase your chances of experience an outpouring of emotions on this date. If you have a crush on someone or want to finally confess, get ready to take the step. Don’t worry Taurus, this is your lucky day. Therefore, whatever happens will later benefit you massively.



Last month, the planet of love and money Venus passed by your houses without staying anywhere. This brought abundance to your professional and personal life. You have a reputation as a heart breaker, Gemini, but it’s not your fault if everyone wants to get down with a Gemini. Your charm and charisma can easily attract anyone towards you. But, on the first week of February, your fear of commitment is likely to flare up. That’s OK, but you do have to be honest — if you’re over someone, kindly let them know. Similarly, if you are crushing hard on someone, let them know as well.

During the mid of February, around Valentines Day in particular, it will be easy for you to fall into aloof tendencies.

The mercury transit on February 3, will make it easier to express yourself. This will help you to let any potential partner you’re not so into down easy. On work place, the planetary alignment influences you to advocate for your needs. Remember Gemini, you will only get a raise if you ask for it. Of course standing for your financial or romantic needs can be scary, as despite your zodiac reputation as a flirt you have a sensitive side. The cosmic hug you are likely to receive during the second week of Feb, will not only remind you that it’s okay to ask for what you need. However, even if you don’t get it, know that you’re on the right path, and you will be okay.

During the end of the month, the planetary transit can leave you feeling more anxious than usual. Focus on self-care, meet a Pisces, take long baths, and get plenty of sleep, at last do not try to repress your emotions.



Being the most nurturing and sweetest sign, you often put others’ needs before your own, Cancer. Last month, you were encouraged to stand up for yourself and advocate for your needs within relationships. February however, will continue the transformations starting from the first day of the month. Apart from that, a dark new moon in Aquarius also follows you on the first day, which indicates a new beginning. As you are ruled by the the moon, lunar changes effect you more than others. For you, Cancer, this date asks you to take an emotional step back from your romantic relationships and re-focus on yourself.

For once, let someone else cook dinner for you or make plans for a romantic gateway. You sit back and enjoy the ride.

Around the mid of the month, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the influence of Mercury’s transformation in Aquarius will encourage you to accept changes, but don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself this year. Regardless of your relationship status, spend your romantic holiday doing whatever your heart desire. It could be dressing up for a night with friends or a special someone, or it could mean doing absolutely nothing. Take time to reflect on your emotional needs and then relay them to others.

Do not forget, you have a tough crab shell, and not to mention you got some sharp claws. You are strong enough to go through any hardship that comes your way.



At the end of January, the Venus retrograde finally came to an end. The effect of it in your sign included a decrease in stress level in your love life. February, however, brings even more romantic blessings your way, but it requires growing up on your part. The beginning of the month, will start with lighting up your 7th House of Partnership. This will further help you to establish a healthy relationship with boundaries. Also the appearance of the new moon at this time, advises you to let go of co-dependence in your love life. In favour of a long-term relation, you need to realise the benefits of letting go of immediate gratification. Try to focus on what is best for your happiness.

In the first week of Feb, when the Mercury goes direct in your sign, you’re less likely to hear from exes, which means that you can begin working on long-term goals. In the month of love, right around the 14th, your partnership house is likely to light up in the glow of the Valentine’s Day.

For singles, this transit will encourage you to begin looking for the right signals and only think of beginning a relationship with crushes who have lasting potential. However, for couples, the time will help you adjust your mindset to focus on what’s best for your relationship in long run. Being ruled by the sun you have a bright personality, which also means that you love attention and in fact you deserve it. You are made for the spotlight. Doesn’t matter what you want, something serious or something casual, just make sure to communicate well in order to avoid any heart breaks.

Toward the end of the month, you might feel more psychic than usual, Leo. Pay attention to messages that may occur in your dreams during this time. Although Feb is all about love, once the Pisces season begins after the 8th of the month, your mind is likely to be filled with productive, and creative energy. Take advantage of it by writing down ideas as they come to you, and remember, Leo, don’t forget about the endgame.



Dear Virgo, your ruling planet Mercury began it’s first retrograde of the year last month. Unfortunately, you are more affected by this retrograde than other signs. It includes, travel delays, communication mishaps, and the return of exes. But, frankly, Virgo, if you can survive 2020, you can survive anything the stars throw at you in 2022. This month starts with a new moon, and in astrology new moon/dark moon means a new beginning. Also with Valentines Day coming close, in co-ordination with the planetary alignments, regardless of your relationship status, the day of hearts can put a lot of pressure on you. Therefore, until the time comes, take the moment to prioritize your mental health. When the day comes, ask yourself if you want to party hard with cupid this year or would you benefit more from a quiet night in? Reflect on your needs, and then communicate them to your partners and friends you would celebrate the day with.

When the Pisces season starts in February 18 onward, your hard-work begins to pay-off. For the next few weeks, your love life is in for smooth sailing, Virgo. Enjoy the calm. When your personal life is in order, you can better focus on your professional goals. The only date you need to watch out for is February 24, as the Pisces season already would have left you emotional by then, and the transit on this day can trigger paranoia. Before asking the entire office if you’re about to get fired or second-guessing a healthy crush, check in with your support system and therapist. You are always there to listen and give solid advice, so don’t be afraid to ask the same of others.



Libra, the month of love welcomes you heartily considering your ruling planet is Venus (the planet of romance and money). Therefore, even if it is not your month, Libra, it is still the most wonderful time to be you this Valentine’s Day. Venus ended her retrograde at the end of January, and went direct, creating smooth skies for you and cupid. February kicks off with the presence of a planetary body known as the “asteroid of commitment and marriage,” entering self-reliant Aquarius on the beginning of the month. This transit will light up the part of your routine that rules pleasure. However, it will also remind you that you can achieve all that on your own. February is an excellent time to invest in self-pleasure and self-care. Doesn’t matter if you are single or committed, don’t be guilty for being a little selfish into satisfying yourself. Being present for others becomes so much easier when we’re happy independently. On V-day, an asteroid associated with wisdom, enters bold Aries. This will influence your sign with good signs towards partnership, well balance, relationships, and diplomacy. Yes, the stars suggest that you are all in for a lovely Valentines Day, but you’re also considering power dynamics at work. The same date, will also bring you courage to speak your truth. So, if you feel mistreated in a romantic relationship, you are likely to take a stand for yourself.

Remember to do the same at work. While you’re on the subject, check in to make sure that you are treating your coworkers with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

The end of the month, the days are likely to turn magical and lucky for you. You are likely to be more focused on work more than love. Yet the month will end with a sensual bang for you. Expect lots of attention from crushes and lovers, and don’t feel guilty about soaking it up.



Hey Scorpio, you have worked very hard to stay calm, even during the intensity of the Mercury retrograde. Scorpios must practice extra self-care during times of stress to avoid lashing out at loved ones. Use your deadly stinger wisely, Scorpio. When the sky turns black with the new moon in the beginning of the month, you may feel more detached from your emotions than usual. This is actually a good thing. Considering the fact that you are an emotional water sign, and that you often think from heart instead of your head. But it’s essential to examine your life logically, and the new moon (a time for new beginnings) is the perfect night to do so. On the other hand, now that the Mercury retrograde is out of your way, you can actually plan on how you want to handle your Valentine’s Day. This time of the year is exactly nine months away from the Scorpio season, so, if you are thinking of planning a future with your partner that involves babies. The time is perfect to try to conceive.

The mid-month, Valentines week, the planetary transits brings a clear understanding. If you are single, there is absolutely no reason to feel bad for yourself– being single can be the best. However, whether you are dating or embracing singlehood, you’ll also be able to identify and communicate your desires surrounding the date to your partner. In the end, remember that you are exactly where you should be.

A full moon lights up the sky on February 16, turning your attention to professional ambitions. Because full moon align with manifestation, you are likely to be profited by it. You might either get a raise or complete a long-term project around this time. The full moon  suggests abundance, pride, and accomplishment. Therefore, try writing down some nice things about yourself.



Last month, the planetary transit made you to lower emotional walls and get real about your needs. This process is likely to continue on the first day of the month. This date marks a new moon, which resembles a new beginning, it will help you think about your methods of communicating with others. You’re great at compartmentalizing, but beware of telling the same lies for so long that you start to believe them yourself. For example, if you are in a dead-end relationship, this is the time to get your shot at releasing yourself from a toxic relationship. Conversely, if you tell the world that you don’t want to date, but feel lonely each night, perhaps it’s time to get back on some apps. Also a planetary transit on the beginning of the month will help you come forward and speak your truth in matters of love. Doing so becomes even easier in a few days as you will realize that you deserve nothing less than what you want.

Due to the messenger Mercury, you will be able to maintain good conversation during the Valentine’s Day.  So if you’re talking about opening up a relationship, whether or not you want kids or even marriage, remember to listen to the person involved, Sagittarius.

Yes, you are funny and you have a treasure full of jokes, which makes you the light of a party. But as a result of your talents, you tend to dominate conversations. So trust the stars — you’ll have a better chance of getting what you want if you listen. Around February 17, another cosmic transit is likely to happen, and it will be like a second dose of Valentine’s Day. The stars then will effect your love and sex life in a positive way. However on the very next day, when the creative Pisces season begins, you are likely to get very busy at work. Thankfully, you not only enjoy your work but also tend to excel at it. So, remember to listen to others.



Last month, you made the most of your signature ambition when things picked up professionally. Your motto is to ‘work hard’ and ‘play hard.’ But, you need to remember that you are not a machine! Therefore, try to make a little time for relaxation. The beginning of February, will bring clarity to your love life. Unlike the other more emotional water signs, you don’t have a problem using logic, Capricorn. However, you can compartmentalize, and as a result, withhold affection without even realizing it. The beginning of the month also brings a new moon, which symbolizes a new beginning in life. It will help you rationally look at how you express emotions in long-term commitment. Sure, you feel deeply for a few people, but when was the last time you told them that? With Mercury in your sign in the coming days, you will realize that rather than acting like a hater, what most advantages your relationship is sharing love. Whether it’s your mom, partner, or best friend, you don’t need to wait until Valentine’s Day to gush over someone. You can do it right now.

On the other hand, you might need to turn to your work by the end of Valentine’s Day as the messenger Mercury says adios to your sign by then. You have money on your mind, Capricorn. You know by now that it’s essential to use creative bursts when you have them, so don’t feel bad about laying low. Just communicate about your needs to your partners or crushes ahead of time and express the aforementioned emotions so that they don’t think you forgot about them. However, if you are single or taking a break from dating, it means you can work as late as you need to, without having to answer anyone.

Towards the end of the month, planet Mars (which rules the sex life) will be on your sign. So, whether you are flirting online or in bed with your long-term partners, expect some passion and excitement.



It’s still your season, Aquarius, and this month is filled with more birthday presents, both in your personal and professional life. At the end of the last month, your ruling planet Uranus, ended its retrograde offering you just another leadership role within your community. It could be enhancing your organizing efforts or simply covering up for a colleague who’s is sick. You’re the humanitarian of the zodiac, which means that you tend to think about the wellbeing of the world more often than your own. So you are permitted to use the energy of the new moon in your sign during the beginning of the month. Use this energy to start planning your personal goals for the month ahead. The presence of a certain planetary body on your sign during these day, will put all sorts of commitments on your head. It doesn’t matter if you are single or doesn’t want to get married, the transit will make make things a little tough for you. Although this might sound cold, don’t worry, the commitment could be with anything; a lover, job, or friend. However, if you are unhappy in your long-term relationship  professional or personal, now is the time to get out, Aquarius. You can be avoidant and lead people on, but it’s time to grow out of those behaviors. With Mercury retrograde ending on February 3, tough conversations will become easier by then.

Despite your ‘I am too cool’ exterior, your gushy side will come out on this Valentine’s Day. This has less to do with the vibe of the day and more to do with the planet Mercury entering your sign on this date. This transit will help you lower emotional walls and tell the people you love that you love them. Your poetic side might even love all the attention you get in return, water-bearer.

With Pisces season beginning at the end of the month, for the next few weeks, you will receive more praise at home and work. So remember to take some deep breaths, and accept the attention, Aquarius.



Happy February Pisces! Your season begins this month. With Venus’s, the planet of romance and money, retrograde last month, the stars asked you to re-focus on self-care. While Pisces season will bring you so many gifts, February is an important month for your love and sex life, pretty fish. The start of the month might be a little cold for you, but don’t worry, things will heat up soon. You are a psychic water sign, filled with intuitions, empathy, and emotions, Pisces. Try not to take it personally if your friends or partner(s) are distant during this time. They’re just busy trying to survive like the rest of us. If you can make it a habit of understanding that everything isn’t about you (no offense), you won’t get your feelings hurt as often, and you’ll be a much happier fish.

With Mercury retrograde coming to an end on February 3, your stress level will lower, communication will be easier, expect less travel delays, and hopefully you will realize that it’s terrible for your mental health to check your ex’s social media so often. In the coming week, you will be coming in contact with your loved ones more often, especially those who were too busy earlier in the month for your liking.

Valentine’s Day is your favourite holiday, and love is on your mind. But regardless of your relationship status, you should plan some celebration, as you wouldn’t want to feel lonely. Because the stars will bring friendship into focus for you this month, consider having a small gathering.

From 18th of Feb, begins your birthday month, and it’s time to celebrate, Pisces! However, you may be thankful that you made time to see your friends earlier in the month because late February sees work picking up and money is on your mind. Towards the end of the month, Venus will make an appearance in your sign. This will bring fantastic professional news, now, you may be the one too busy to text your friends back.

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