Marriage for Half a day and love for 2 years

Hamirpur (Uttar Pradesh): For two years their love story saw lots of twists and turns, but when the proverbial happy ending finally happened, the marriage lasted only 12 hours. This bizarre drama unfolded in Hamirpur district’s Maudaha area, where the girl had fallen in love with Sandeep, who was her classmate.

When the girl’s family came to know about the affair, they pressurized the girl and she lodged a complaint with the Maudaha police, accusing Sandeep of sexual exploitation.

Sandeep was taken into custody, but within hours, the girl took back her complaint.

Enraged over her withdrawing the complaint, the girl’s family members threw her out of the house. The girl went to Sandeep and convinced his family to accept her.m

The couple was married on Monday in a temple in the presence of the boy’s family.

On Tuesday, the girl again had a change of heart and decided that she wanted to end the 12-hour-old marriage.

Sandeep, who was apparently fed up of the girl’s unstable mind, also agreed to her wishes.

The couple went to the Maudaha Kotwali and said that they were ending their marriage.

Talking to reporters, Sandeep said, “I am fed up of her fickle-mindedness. I loved her, but she did not know what she wanted. I am relieved that the matter has ended.”

The police called the girl’s family and asked them to take her home.

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