LPG Cylinders To Be Delivered Around 30 Minutes From Booking, Check Details Here

The domestic LPG gas cylinder users will no longer have to wait for days to get the delivery of cylinder. It will be quite hard to believe but Indian Oil (IOC) has planned to start LPG Tatkal LPG Seva, through which users will receive gas cylinder at their door step around 30 minutes from booking.

The IOC will initially start its service in one city of every state and then will extend the services to other cities. The customers of theses selected cities can avail the services of 30 minute delivery. The company stated that it plans to rollout this particular service from February 1, 2021.

At present, India has around 28 crore LPG customers out of which 14 crore customers use IOC LPG or Indane gas.

However, in order to avail the Tatkal LPG service customers might be charged extra fees. The additional fees are yet to be made public by the company.

  1. balasubramanian dhanasekaran says

    So here after normal delivery will be hit.

  2. Bernabose says

    This is stupid idea ioc increase cylinder amount they doing drama.

  3. Suresha says

    How about Supplies to Rural Areas ?

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