Lower the Use of Electronic Gadgets in Kids

Bhubaneswar: The style of showing love towards kids is changing in this digital era with the advent of electronic gadgets.

Working parents and abundance of electronic gadgets is the reason.

Give a mobile or any electronic gadget and you have shown love.

The Addiction: 

The kids since a very young are addicted to playing mobile games and watching videos online.

Such parents have no idea how they are ruining the life of their little one.

Now-a-days, it is common for small children to have eyesight issues.

The laziness of the parents is affecting the life of the new generation.

Children are also becoming very smart in recognizing the weakness of their parents and believe it only through emotional blackmail.

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Computer Vision Syndrome: 

The digital age and use of electronic gadgets has given us a new disease, “computer vision syndrome”

The reason for this disease is to peer at digital screen for hours and sometimes forget to blink your eyes.

Also known as Digital Eye Strain it affects both kids and adults.

The Effects: 

In addition to that the screen of every computer, laptop and phone throws blue light.

According to the study, this blue light has many effects on our eyesight. 

The level of damage to the eyes depends more on how long you keep your eyes on the screen. 

The lens of the eye starts yellowing as it matures.  

Too much direct contact with blue light inhibits the secretion of a hormone melatonin.

This hormone tells us what is our bedtime. (If your child has trouble sleeping, try to reduce his screen time, especially before bedtime)

They become more irritable and aggressive. Very sad and tired at times. 

The Solution:

Let the child grow up like the good old times. 

Get them out of the world of TV, mobiles, laptops.

Encourage them to know about the world of nature or sports.

They will be grateful to you when they grow up.


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