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‘Lookalikes’ Of Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un Stage ‘Meeting’ In Hanoi

If you think the two are Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, have a hard look again.


Hanoi: In the first instance, readers may think the picture above is that of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. However, in reality, the duo in the picture are not the two global leaders, rather their ‘lookalikes’ Russell White and Howard X, whose resemblance to Trump as well as Kim Jong is strikingly uncanny- so much that it is hard to differentiate between the ‘real’ and the ‘impersonator’.

Ahead of US President Trump and Kim Jong’s second meeting at Hanoi in Vietnam on February 27-28, these ‘lookalikes’ also staged a ‘meeting’ in downtown Hanoi on Friday. The meeting between Kim impersonator Howard X and Donald Trump lookalike Russell White was reported by the local media after which police officers later showed up at a local TV station where they were giving an interview, and told them to stop making media appearances or risk being deported.

The police told the pair they could only travel around the city with an approved itinerary and travel guide. Furthermore, Vietnamese security personnel were keeping a close eye on the impersonators and their activities.

Howard X, a Hong Kong resident, insisted he was in Vietnam legally and will not leave unless he is forced to do so.

On the other hand, Trump lookalike White said they came with an intention to scale down North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

“We’re working toward peace. Through negotiations, with dialogue, we want to help North Korea of course,” White said, wearing heavy bronzer and with freshly gelled hair.

The duo said that they were on a hunt to find out ‘lookalikes’ of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping or Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to complete their band of ‘tyrants’.

It is worth mentioning here that lookalikes of celebrities, politicians and other prominent figures have always piqued the curiosity of people. Despite not being the ‘real’ individuals, these doppelgangers look so similar to their original counterparts that we can’t help but wonder if there is a secret celebrity cloning facility available somewhere out there.

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