List Of Countries With No Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated Travelers

Bhubaneswar: Travel in the Covid-19 era has changed a lot, countries are adjusting to the new norms and regulations to allow travelers.

Given the fact that tourism is a major revenue generator, several countries are easing restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers in spite of the rise in Covid infections.

Recently, UK announced doing away with Covid-19 tests for vaccinated travelers.

However, it is noteworthy that not only the UK but a number of other countries are slowly easing travel restrictions and bringing in easier to follow norms.

A list of such countries are as follows:

United Kingdom (UK):

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed on Monday that, fully vaccinated travelers entering England will soon be exempt from any COVID test requirements.


Sweden has abolished the requirement of a negative RT-PCR test before entering the country.

The government of Sweden in a recent press release stated, “Travelers are no longer considered to pose a particular risk of affecting the spread of Omicron in Sweden.”


Thailand recently announced easing entry for vaccinated visitors from all countries. Fully vaccinated travelers will be able to enter the country under the Test and Go program.

The visitors have to compulsorily download a tracking app.


Singapore under relaxed measures announced last week that those who showed symptoms
but were fully vaccinated would only have to isolate for seven days.

Meanwhile, vaccinated travelers no longer have to undergo swab tests.

Whereas, those who have recently recovered from Covid can skip all testing when they travel, a report in South China Morning Post said.


The European Island of Cyprus has announced that it will lift all travel restrictions on vaccinated travelers from March 1.

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