LIC Kanyadan Policy 2021: Deposit Rs 121 per day and get 27 lakhs

LIC Kanyadan Policy is a government scheme that organizes a fund for the future to support your daughter’s education and marriage and meet milestones in life. It is a perfect gift for your daughter to ensure her future. Indian LIC launched a scheme which is a great opportunity for the families by providing financial assistance to enhance the future of their daughter.

LIC Policy of India is making people aware and reliable to take care of their daughters by increasing the features and benefits of LIC Kanyadan Policy. This policy is a pure endowment plan which provides cover against risk with the option of saving till the end of the policy payout term.

In this special Pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojana policy of Life Insurance Corporation, if the daughter’s father pays Rs 121 per day or Rs 3600/- per month, then in 25 years he gets Rs 27 lakhs. Apart from this, if death occurs after taking the policy, then the family will not have to pay the premium of Indian LIC Kanyadan Policy and also Rs 1 lakh every year.

Key Features of LIC Kanyadan Policy

  • A complete plan to keep your daughter’s future financially independent i.e. LIC’s best policy offers
  • Security for life risk Fixed time limit up to 3 years before maturity date of LIC premium
  • Life Assured will get lump sum cost at the time of maturity
  • LIC policy premium waiver facility is given on the death of the father
  • Ten lakh on account of accidental death paid Rs 50,000 per annum to be paid till the maturity date of the premium plan
  • Full maturity value to be availed at maturity
  • NRI can use LIC policy plan even without coming to India
  • Pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojana also has some mixed features of LIC Lakshya Policy

Life Healthy Boon 2021

  • LIC Kanyadan policy provides financial freedom and stability to your daughter in terms of her education, marriage and meeting milestones in life.
  • LIC policy premium paying term is a restricted time period.
  • LIC Kanyadaan plan is a for-profit insurance plan that evolves along with savings and insurance plans.
  • If the individual dies within the LIC Online LIC policy premium term, 10% of the Sum Assured is payable every year up to 01 year from the date of maturity.
  • Additional benefits will be provided to other family members if the policy holder i.e. the father of the beneficiary daughter dies within the policy term.
  • Disability rider benefit is also applicable if the premium term is minimum five years.
  • If LIC of India policy premium is active and LIC policy holder has paid LIC policy premium for 03 consecutive years, then a loan can be taken against the policy.

LIC Policy Premium Income Tax Benefit

  • LIC policy premium is exempted from section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. This exemption can be taken up to a maximum of Rs 1 and 1/2 lakh. Also, exemption is also given on the outcome of maturity or death claim.
  • Under LIC Kanyadan policy, one can increase or decrease the premium amount according to his earnings. It is not mandatory that the person deposit Rs 121 daily. If he can deposit more than this, he should deposit more. If he can’t, he can plan with lower premium

Life Insurance Corporation Kanyadan Policy Scheme

  • For more information related to LIC Kanyadan Policy individuals can visit the official website of LIC. LIC Kanyadan scheme is also available according to the age of father and daughter. This will reduce the time limit of LIC Kanyadan 2021 policy according to the age of the daughter. You will get the details of LIC Kanyadan Policy 2021 from the official website of Life Insurance Corporation.
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