Know why 85% of new age moms are cranky

New Delhi: A new parent understands how their sleeping schedule is disrupted by the arrival of their newborn. For a new parent, the struggle to get enough sleep is very real.

Frequent feedings, 3 a.m. diaper changes, and running after the newborn all night make sound sleep nearly impossible. The clock adventure is a newborn.

According to a recent National Sleep Foundation survey, nearly 76 per cent of parents have frequent sleep problems.

Taking care of oneself after the arrival of a newborn can be extremely difficult. New mothers get four hours of sleep on average per night during the first year of their baby’s life, which is less than the recommended eight hours.

Sleep deprivation can have an emotional impact on the mother and make her irritable. The change in sleeping habits has a significant impact on mothers’ daily functioning.

On the occasion of International Mother’s Day, celebrated on May 8, Beddy by Centuary Mattress, a brand for baby and child mattresses dedicated to supporting the growing needs of infants and children, conducted a survey with the leading moms’ community, Momspresso, to learn about the changes in new moms’ sleeping patterns and the impact it has on their daily lives.

The poll was carried out in four major cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

The survey’s intended audience was working mothers and housewives with children aged 0 to 5 years.

According to the findings, 64 per cent of new mothers are sleep deprived, meaning they get less than the recommended amount of sleep.

Ninety-one per cent of moms agreed that having a separate mattress for their baby can help them sleep better.

Bangalore mothers were discovered to be the most sleep deprived following the birth of their newborn.

Thirty-one percent of mothers in Mumbai and Hyderabad report being unable to perform their daily duties due to a lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of postpartum mood swings and drowsiness throughout the day. Based on the survey results, Beddy by Century Mattress, a mattress industry specialist, is working to create comfortable mattresses for new moms and their newborns. Beddy Nest by Centuary Mattress also manufactures mattresses for newborns.

Natural Rubberised Coir and Natural Latex Foam are used to make the mattresses, which are certified as “Free from Harmful Chemicals” and suitable for use with babies. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is critical for new mothers. A good night’s sleep will allow them to complete their tasks more efficiently and will make them feel happier throughout the day.

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