Know How To diagnose Throat Cancer within 5 Minutes !

New Delhi: In Today’s world, Cancer has come up as a huge problem for everyone and the death toll due to cancer is rising rapidly day by day. There are different types of cancer and one of them is throat cancer, in which more than 42, 000 people are killed every year and 47, 000 confirmed cases can be seen.

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More than 50 percent of people can’t recognise throat cancer symptoms in them which ultimately take their lives.
Recently, a team of researchers of Netherlands Radboud Institute For Health Sciences developed an artificial nose with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can diagnose throat cancer with each breath.

According to Britain Charity Cancer Research, uncontrolled cells near food pipe can increase the probability of having throat cancer by 11 percentages.

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The researchers applied the AI Electronic nose on 402 people. This technology can be used in 2-3 years. These days the procedure to diagnose cancer through endoscopy is a complicated and expensive process but with the help of this AI Artificial Nose, throat cancer can be diagnosed cheaply within five minutes.

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