Kanwariyas Caught Drinking Liquor At Ganga Ghat In UP’s Hapur

Lucknow: A group of ‘Kanwariyas’ or ‘Bol Bam devotees’ was seen drinking liquor at Garhmukteshwar Ghat in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur- in a purported video that went viral on social media.

The group was seen enjoying liquor while the moment is video-graphed by someone in their knowledge.

Kanwar pilgrims or Kanwariyas are the devotees of Hindu God, Shiva. Around this time of the year, scores of these devotees from across India, often wearing orange-colored clothes with decorated pots on their shoulders, undertake the pilgrimage, called Kanwar Yatra, on foot during Saavan- a month in the Hindu calendar.

These pilgrims, majority of who are young men, visit Haridwar, Gaumukh, and Gangotri in Uttarakhand and Sultanganj in Bihar to fetch waters of River Ganga.

Later, the holy water is dispensed as offerings to Lord Shiva in temples.

“They are seen drinking liquor in an area where it is prohibited. It’s illegal. Those people are being identified. Their vehicles are being identified by their number plates. Legal action will be taken,” said ASP Sarvesh Mishra.

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