Jewellery trends 2020: A mix of modern and traditional

New Delhi: From traditional jadau to creative compositions, trendy textures to nature inspired pieces, the year 2020 is going to be a trendy concoction of jewellery.

IANSlife spoke to experts in the field to list out of the top jewellery trends this year.

Isha Pandey, Lead Designer of BlueStone Diamond

Talking nature

Exotic of flowers will flourish:



Dominated by flora and fauna, 2020 will be no exception with a lot of emphasis on statement earrings and rings. Allowing the warm shade of the metal to favourably highlight the colour stones, along with enamel colours like yellow and green will be carefully considered. Rings shaped as a blossoming flower, the fit should be comfortable fit and the composition of the gemstones will make this trend unique.



An unbroken flow of pattern:

Intertwining petal blossoms, plants, vines and leaves all rotating in perfect symmetry. Beauty and flawless execution alongside modern and original concepts. The arabesque is a design of curving line and interwoven elements like vines and leaves that are repeated in an often symmetrical infinite pattern. Arabesque designs on surfaces create a sense of pleasing overall rhythm and patterns. As the Islamic religion spread, arabesques could be found on the walls of mosques and palaces, on ceramic tiles and vessels and on glassware.

Trendy texture

Creativity across all mediums:

Within fine jewellery different mediums influence each other and expressions of creativity mirror a vast array of artistes. The modern approach to surface embellishment makes use of classic pro?les with raw materials and an otherworldly aesthetic. The texture on jewellery can either be achieved by engraving or embossing different patterns and motifs. The use of precious gems and stones on metals also provides an interesting synergy.

Ketan Chokshi and Jatin Chokshi, co- owners, Narayan Jewellers

Bridal jewellery

While last year we saw jewellery was important for bridal ensemble, this year, bridal jewellery will further strengthen its position over trousseau given its preciousness and inheritance value. Leading stylist like Tanya Ghavri has also said that we should buy jewellery and then plan our outfits.

In bridal jewellery, we will see a lot of creative and new compositions. While Jadau will continue to be preferred for weddings, diamond jewellery will dominate the cocktail and reception looks.

Creative compositions

While necklace, earrings etc. will remain the same, creative compositions will create new trends. In earrings. for example, asymmetrical designs which includes an earcuff in one ear and a stud in the ear will be strong. Ear climbers will make a comeback, these are continuation of the ear cuff. Ear jackets will also be in trend where one part of earring is in front and the other part goes behind the ear lobe.

Ageerika Hari, founder of Vaitaanika Jewellery

Gold finish

It’s not just the wedding season when the gold finish is in, today even daily-wear jewellery can have a gold finish. Ladies love to accessorise and the best way to not break the bank and have enough is to have gold finish accessories. One can wear trendy bracelets or even multiple chains and pair them with pearls, gemstones, and other precious and semi-precious jewellery.

Diamond hoops

Invest in timeless diamond hoops. Wear no makeup, dress like nobody’s looking and let your diamonds shine. 2020 will see a lot of different shapes and sizes for hoops, from double-hoop infinity designs or a diamond dangler or maybe a curved hoop earring. Diamond hoops are a choice for everyone; from the office to special occasions. With so many different sizes and varieties it can be worn as everyday jewellery and that’s the most beautiful thing about diamond hoops.

Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewellers

Antique pieces

In the past year, there has been a noticeable shift towards dual tone jewellery — like rose gold and platinum or rhodium finished gold jewellery, etc. There is a growing design-first sentiments among young shoppers, and they prefer well executed and luxurious gemstone, kundan or polki jewellery. There is a strong preference for handcrafted jewellery as well as antique heirloom style pieces. These trends, we hope will continue through 2020.

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