Is That A Rainbow On Mars? NASA Explains

Rainbows are pretty common on Earth,but when it is seen on some other planet its definitely worth noticing and being talked about.

On Sunday, NASA recently released a stunning image of the breathtaking rainbow on Mars.

Later, the netizens started discussing about the various theories on Reddit and Twitter on how a rainbow is next to impossible on Mars. But there it was.

NASA’s Perseverance rover on Twitter clarified that it wasn’t a rainbow. “Many have asked: Is that a rainbow on Mars? No. Rainbows aren’t possible here. Rainbows are created by light reflected off of round water droplets, but there isn’t enough water here to condense, and it’s too cold for liquid water in the atmosphere. This arc is a lens flare.”

Perseverance rover clicked this image of the area at its back using an onboard Rear Left Hazard Avoidance Camera.

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