Important alert for train passengers! Railways provides these rights to women

In India, crores of passengers travel in train on a daily basis and the Indian Railways always ensures safe, peaceful and hustle-free journey of each passenger. For this, it takes a number of steps to provide different facilities to passengers. It also provides certain rights to the women, elderly and children passengers.

Every woman traveler should know the rights they have so that they do not face any inconvenience while traveling in train. The women can use such rights before and during their journey and get benefit of it.

While the elderly people and children are given concession in fares during travel, the women also get a separate quota in trains.

Below are some rights/ benefits the railway gives to the women passengers:

  • Indian Railways gives 50% discount in fares to women passengers who have received the President Police Medal or Police Award. Even the women husbands have been martyred in war are also eligible to get 50% concession in fares.
  • The Indian Railways provides a separate waiting lounge for women. They can use the waiting lounge in case their train is late.
  • The Railways also provides the right to a woman to change her seat if she is travelling alone in a train. She can ask the TTE to change her seat and the TTE cannot refuse to do so.
  • The TTE cannot ask a woman to deboard the train if finds her traveling without reservation or a ticket due to lack of money. The TTE has to allow the woman to continue her journey after imposing some conditions on her.

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