How to transfer your confirmed train ticket to someone else in case you are not able to travel

The Indian Railways is considered one of the most reliable options of travel across India. Indian Railways covers the majority of cities and towns in India and the majority of people in our country depend on it. Having a ticket is the only requirement to travel in Indian Railways. However, there are times when you are not able to travel on your ticket due to various reasons. In that case, you have to cancel your ticket. Well, you will be surprised to know that you can transfer your ticket to someone else if you do not travel on it on a particular date.

Indian Railways provides a service, where you can transfer your ticket to someone in your family. The person to whom you transfer your ticket can be your father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, or wife. This service comes as a lifesaver as the ticket does not go in vain.

In order to avail of the service of transferring the ticket to someone else, a passenger has to request before 24 hours before the departure of the train. If the request is initiated the name of a passenger is striked off from the ticket and the name of the new member is added to the ticket. However, a passenger should keep the fact in mind that the transfer of a ticket can be done only once.

Follow the steps to transfer the ticket to someone else

  1. Take the printout of the ticket which you have booked.
  2. Visit your nearest railway station and find the reservation counter there.
  3. You need to carry the ID proof of the person to whom you want to transfer your ticket.
  4. You must carry ID cards issued by the Government of India like Aadhar card, Voter ID card etc.
  5. Next, apply for ticket transfer over the counter.
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  1. Ozy says

    This is a good move.

  2. Sanjay Yadav says

    I have read 4 to 5 articles on this subject and the process to transfer/change the name in the ticket to someone within the family is not correct and not so easy.. all the five times i read about this new rules none of news media laid the procedures 100%right.

    In the above listed points i suggest edit on point no. 2 & 4

    for Point 2): With the said documents you have to visit the railway station where Reservation Supervisor is available for scrutiny. So don’t go to any nearest reservation counter, they will simply tell you stand in Q first, then they will tell to visit the main branch

    And also you need a take respective parties involved in changeover for their signature and physical verification process. It’s easier said than done…

    Finally the point no 5 is not valid as the name change request is handled between Reservation Supervisor & Sr. Commercial Manager, not by the ticket counter clerk.

    One final fact: Even the Railways have not put the correct procedure in their notification related to the name change facility. This is India.. one little extra effort seems to missing always..

    1. Vivek says

      Thanks for giving info in more depth.

    2. SRK says

      Well said

  3. Ram says

    I recently did that and could succeed for two out of three passengers. In addition to what is already stated, (a) individual request for each transfer is required (b) document establishing close relationship between transferer and transferee is required. This is very difficult. It took more than two hours. After this letter to TTE is issued, which should be carried in train. Very difficult and tedious. Lot of time spent.

  4. D Venkateswara Reddy says

    Why don’t Railway make it online submission of the documents and ask for physical verification intimating a time slot

  5. Vinod kumar pandey says

    Sir for this matter railway can satblise one counter for this matter so passanger can not face problem.or railway give clear decission to reservation counter all over stations.

  6. Vivek Ghoshal says

    Indian Railways dont allow male / Female typo error. IRCTC have turned down my request. While purchasing ticket, by mistake my wife was typed as Male.

  7. Siddharth Bhattacharya says

    UIDAI needs to be a better KYC aggregator & add feature of Proof of Relationship (PoR) to make life simpler. The C/O (care of) field is simply a misnomer field useless to be of any good use in such cases. These can help name change in tickets with single document as Aadhaar.

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