Horse chariot goes out of control, video goes viral #Watch


Many people almost enjoyed the scene thinking it to be a film shooting. However, it was not a reel scene but a real scene. The unfortunate incident took place in Pune where the chauffeur came under the wheel of his horse chariot when he was trying to control the carriage that had gone out of control. The video was shot by someone and later posted on social media which has gone viral.

As per reports, a terrifying situation arose when a decked up horse chariot gone out of control. Shockingly, the chauffeur taking a triple ride on a bike tried to control the horses and came under the wheel.

As per reports, the dramatic incident took place at Pune’s Koregaon park junction on December 6.

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Soon, three men riding on a bike approached near the carriage, and the third pillion rider tried to control the horses. While getting the horses to halt, the jerk even brought down the pillion rider and he stumbled down.

The accident could’ve been worse if there was more traffic on the road at that time. It raises a concern about what would’ve happened if the horses could not be controlled.

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