Hope for HIV-AIDS patients: Experts develop new vaccine by gene editing

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) has been hunting mankind for a long time and stands incurable to any treatment.

The HIV virus affects and damages the immune system of the human body, hence, the body becomes vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. This further results in a reduced life span leading to death. Earlier, antiretroviral treatment was the only treatment given to the patients. This required regular medication to provide strength to the immune system.

However, the researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have come up with a possible cure for this deadly disease. They have discovered a vaccine for the cure of this virus. This finding is a ray of hope for people suffering from the novel virus.

According to the researcher Dr.Brazel, the vaccine creates genetically engineered B white blood cells in the patient’s body once it is injected. ‘B white cells’ are responsible for creating antibodies for fighting any virus in the human body.

The antidote fights the HIV virus by naturalizing it. This cure can be done with a one-time injection. The researchers have also added that it will also be able to fight against non-communication diseases.

As per Dr.Brazel, the vaccine has undergone every module lab test and successfully passed them. This invention will bring a massive change in medical science and will help millions suffering from AIDS.

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