Holi Hai! Odisha to become colourful tomorrow

Holi, the festival of colours will be celebrated on Friday in Odisha. Colours of all hues, the smell of abira and joyous spirit will pervade streets as Odisha will celebrate Holi. People are ready to smear abira and colours on each other’s face. Ahead of the festival, Kalinga TV web team approached a few people to convey to us about the colourful plans that they have chalked out for the festival of colours. Excerpts:

Kalpasa Shaw, Beauty queen & social worker

Kalpasa Ankita Shaw is an awarded beauty queen from Balasore

“Holi happens to be one of my most favourite festivals since childhood. I believe it signifies how colourful our lives and in a way colours of our lives must be celebrated as well. I used to go crazy with colours and water gun as a child. Of course, I have mellowed down the Holi celebrations over the years. Huge environment impacts are the reason. Also, water must be spent responsibly any day- so why make an exception on Holi. So enjoy Holi but also be responsible. Play with colour, but obviously not the harmful chemicals and permanent ones.”

Satya Pritam Mishra, Student

Satya is a 2nd semester BBA student from BIM

“My favourite part of Holi celebration, apart from playing with colours, is Lord Krishna from a nearby temple coming to play Holi with us. A large procession carrying the Lord takes a tour of our colony every year before Holi. The lord eats Prasad at my home every year. On the day of Holi, I make sure I wear white only. Me and my brother play with colours with our family first. Then we go out to play with friends. After that we go to each of our friends’ homes to devour the Holi delicacies. In the evening we simply hang out.”

Payal Behera, Student

Payal is a 2nd semester B Plan student from CET

“Holi is one of my favourite festivals. Many of my childhood memories are attached with it. Buying colours, water guns with our parents was the most awaited part of Holi celebrations for me and my sister. My mother used to make these lip smacking delicacies. But for last few years, we have vowed to have an eco friendly Holi. I only use natural colours and also reduce water usage. For the last three years, me, my sister go to a nearby orphanage to share colours with them. We first distribute colours and sweets with these kids and only then start the celebrations.”

Asutosh Puhana, Student

Asutosh is a 2nd semester B Tech CS student from ITER

“Holi means colours, food, family and fun for me. All of my family gets together at our ancestral home in my native village. All of us cousins plan something fun every year. This year we have planned to binge watch all the Marvel movies. But our Holi shopping is pending since some of my cousin’s haven’t arrived yet. We are going to create one hell of a ruckus this year. I am planning to have a lot of fun this year.”

Rashmi Rekha Patnaik, Homemaker

Rashmi is a B Pharm graduate and a homemaker from Vizag

“Holi- the festival of colours- is also known as ‘Dola Purnima’ in Odisha. This festival which is associated with Radha-Krishna brings joy and happiness in every home. I usually enjoy this festival with my family and friends. We make sure to make sweets at home. At my apartment complex, all the inhabitants come to play Holi together. We play with colours but stay away from chemical ones. We spend a playful time with each and have a lot of fun. Once I return home. I make sure to wash off the colours with lukewarm water. Have a colourful and safe Holiday.

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