Hindu girl recites Quran, bags first prize in recitation competition

In Kerela's Kozhikode, a Hindu girl reciting Quran efficiently, has proved that language knows no religious barriers.

In a recent incident, a Hindu girl reciting Quran verses has made headlines. In Kerela’s Kozhikode, Parvathy, a fourth-grade girl has been in the limelight after she surprised everyone with her fluency in reciting the verses of the Quran at a Quran recitation competition. The competition was held as a part of the Thodannur sub-district arts festival in Kozhikode.

Considering her family background, a Hindu girl reciting Quran perfectly came as a surprise to many. According to reports, it is Parvathy’s school teacher, Ruqaiya, who tutored her in Arabic.

Parvathy’s father, Nalish Bobby, works as an IT professional in Kozhikode, and her mother, Dina Prabha, works as an English teacher in a school. It was her parents’ thought who considered learning new languages as important. According to them, learning a language you do know is always an encouragement. Parvathy has a twin sister named Parvana, who stands equally good in Arabic. Both the kids study at Chemmarathur LP School in Kozhikode.

No sooner did she win the competition, she was made the poster girl of religious harmonies when she began with her recitation with the Arabic phrase from the Quran, “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem”, which means, “In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful”. Parvathy proved that there is no religion for language. This incident has made her popular as ‘the girl who recites Quran’.

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