Here’s all you need to know about retiring room if traveling in train, you can get it just at Rs 10

The retiring room is one of the several services which the Indian Railways has started for the benefit of the train passengers across India.

One can visit the official website ( to book the Retiring Rooms one at boarding Station and one at the destination station by using the Valid PNR Number with status RAC/Confirm.

One can book the Retiring Room in advance as per the Advance Reservation periods of PRS tickets i.e. 120 days at present.

The Retiring Rooms are available in Single, Double and Dormitory type of occupancy with AC and Non AC combination at very chief price for a minimum of 3 hours to maximum of 48 hours. Hourly booking is also available at few stations only.

The Indian railway will allot one Single Bed Room or One Double Bed Room or One Bed in Dormitory for one passenger. For two passengers, One Double Bed Room or Two Beds in Dormitory can be allocated. However, you can click here to visit the Retiring Room Website to see more options.

The Retiring Rooms are available across the country. One can click here to see the list of stations where retiring rooms are available.

Charge of Retiring Room:

  • Rs 20 for upto 24hrs for a Retiring Room
  • Rs 10 for upto 24hrs for a Dormitory Bed
  • Rs 40 for 24hrs to 48hrs for a Retiring Room
  • Rs 20 for 24hrs to 48hrs for a Dormitory Bed

As per the rule, people with Wait-listed tickets cannot get the Retiring Rooms, however, passengers who have the RAC and confirmed tickets can book and get the Retiring Room.

If the train become late and you are unable to reach as per the check-in time given to you, still then you can get the Retiring Room as the Railways allows for late check-in upto 1 hour after arrival of the train.

One also can cancel the Retiring Room after booking. For this, one has to go to the official website ( and then go to the booking history in my account option and the cancel the booking.

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