Heartwarming! Woman complained about mess food to friend, what happened next will melt your heart

Are you one of those who is tired of hostel mess food? Then maybe you will desire a friend like the one Shruberry does, after reading the story.

A woman who goes by the name Shruberry on Twitter shared a heartwarming story about how she was blessed with home-cooked food away from home.

According to her tweet, she kept complaining about the hostel food to her friend. Seeing her in vain, her friend informed about the predicament to his mom.

His mother, however, did the kindest thing of sending homecooked food to Shruberry on a daily basis. Although Shruberry enjoyed the delicacies, she hesitated to receive the love. It was because she said that she didn’t have time to cook anything and fill the tiffing while returning, and she didn’t feel good giving back empty containers.

Hearing this, Shruberry’s friend’s mother started sending little notes along with the food boxes. One of the notes read, “Enjoy the food. Children shouldn’t bother about sending empty tiffins to their mothers. You can send your love and affection with the tiffin, that is more than enough.”

The post has garnered a lot of attention online. Twitteratis were incredibly touched by the mother’s gesture and showered their love in the comments section.

One comment read, “You are lucky my friend” and another person wrote with a pun, Ila from The Lunchbox is your friend’s mother? ”

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