Health Benefits Of Amla

While many of us know the health benefits of amla (Indian gooseberry) juice, not many are aware of its use in beauty treatments. This fruit that is abundantly available helps to tone and tighten your skin, make your hair shiny and dandruff- free. Here are a few benefits of Amla

Cures sore throat and cold – Amla possesses anti-viral properties, it improves the immune response of the body. If consumed with ginger and honey, amla can be quite effective in curing sore throat and cold as well.
Stress reliever – Amla is an excellent stress- reliever. It helps in relieving stress by inducing the stress-relieving hormones.
Cures insomnia– It can help in inducing sound sleep. Massage the scalp of your hair with amla oil for getting relief from headaches and having a peaceful uninterrupted sleep.
Prevents respiratory problems – Amla can alleviate asthma, chronic cough, tuberculosis and blocked chest as well. It is because of the presence of Vitamin C that it has a beneficial effect on respiratory disorders.
Cures for infections– Amla stimulates the defense mechanisms in the body. It is because of its antibacterial properties that it is able to prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infections. If amla is consumed on regular basis, the body would become resistant to diseases.

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Bone health – As per research of several scientists, amla extracts can slow the activities of cells which make the bones brittle. It helps in strengthening of bones as it has rich iron contents.
Supports reproduction– As per Ayurveda, Amla helps in enhancing all seven tissues including the reproductive tissues. It helps in countering the problem which occurs while conceiving by revitalizing semen leading to improvising the quality of sperms in males.
Prevents diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s – Amla, if consumed regularly, increases concentration and boosts memory. It improves the nerve health by making a smoother passage for flow of blood, facilitating oxygen transportation, protecting the nerve cells from radical damage hence preventing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Prevents formation of gallbladder stones – Consuming amla powder can be effective in preventing the formation of gall bladder stones as it possesses several medicinal properties.
Helps in weight-loss – If you want to lose weight, amla juice can do wonders to your body. It reduces the fat accumulation within the body by providing a boost to metabolical activities within the body.
Improves Cardiovascular health – Amla has several nutrients which help in preventing blockage within the heart. It is also effective in reducing bad cholesterol and controls hypertension. It helps in increasing the good cholesterol in the body and also helps in the maintenance of cholesterol levels.
Amla juice for diabetes – Amla juice can be consumed with turmeric twice a day in order to prevent diabetes. It is low sugar and a high fiber fruit which makes it a perfect item to be consumed by diabetes patients. Amla also helps in the secretion of insulin and reduces blood sugar in diabetic patients.

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Aids digestion – Amla triggers the taste receptors which ultimately makes the digestive enzymes active. It is a fiber-rich fruit which strengthens the digestive system leading to improving the ability of the body to absorb nutrients from the food.
Reduces risk of cancer – Amla helps in preventing tumour cell growth within the body because of its Oxidative Radiance Activity Capacity (ORAC) which prevents cell damage due to oxidative stress. It is because of the high levels of antioxidants in amla that the growth of carcinogenic cells gets restricted which ultimately prevents cancer cells’ growth in stomach, skin, and liver.
Helps in healing mouth ulcers – Rinsing your mouth with amla powder helps in healing mouth ulcers, as amla possess several medicinal properties.
Helps in reducing the pain of arthritis patients – Amla has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing pain, and swelling of bones in arthritis.
Effective cure for constipation – Amla aids in keeping the gastrointestinal tract clean. It has cooling and laxative properties which are beneficial in preventing constipation.
Protects your liver – Amla has necessary nutrients with help in protecting the liver.
Blood purifier – Amla is an effective blood purifier because of the presence of necessary anti-oxidants. Consumption of amla juice can increase hemoglobin levels of the body.
Intestinal problems– Dried amla can cure all types of intestinal problem if consumed on daily basis.
Provides ease in menstrual cramps – The minerals and vitamins present in amla help in preventing menstrual cramps.
Burns fat – Amla boosts metabolism which can help in reducing fat. One can consume amla juice before working out which will accelerate the reducing fat from the body.

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