Has anyone occupied your reserved seat on train? This is how you get it back without fighting

Indian Railways regularly upgrades its facilities for the convenience of the travelers. You may now get anything online, from rail tickets to meals, even being at home.

However, in India, taking up other passengers’ seats on trains is not a recent problem. Indian Railways frequently record such incidents. Unidentified passengers are seen occupying the train’s second class, sleeper, and AC classes.

In such a situation, the owner of the seat tries to approach and discuss clearing it. At a time both of them get into an altercation over the seat.

While the owner wants the seat to be vacated, the occupant offers advice to adjust there.

However, you can have your seat back just by submitting a complaint to the railways and without fighting for it.

If such a thing happens to you as well and there is no TTE nearby, you can take the help of the “Rail Madad.” You can file a complaint about the unauthorized passenger to have the seat released.

You can file your complaint by visiting the Railway Help website at https://railmadad.indianrailways.gov.in. Next, you must add your mobile number in the section. Next, tap on Send OTP.

Enter the OTP that you received on your mobile phone. Then, pick the type option and choose your complaint after entering the PNR number associated with your ticket purchase. Choose the event’s date afterwards.

If you’d like, you can also detail your complaint in writing. After that, click the submit button.

You don’t need to engage in pointless conflicts and arguments when traveling in trains if you follow these steps.

So there won’t be any more stressful train travels where you have to struggle to find a seat or adjust on your reserved seat with someone.

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(Sources: thebegusarai.in)

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