Government took big decision regarding LPG cylinder, changed these rules

The government is going to give 1 crore free LPG connections to the people of the country in the next two years. Necessary preparations are also being made for this. For every house in the country to have LPG connection, the government is running a scheme like Ujjwala. Under this, 1 crore free LPG connections will be distributed in the next two years. The government is also preparing to change the rules for this.

Petroleum Secretary Tarun Kapoor said that the government is preparing to give LPG connection, at least in the documents. In the changed rules, there is a plan to provide LPG connection even without the residence certificate. A residence certificate is the most important document to get an LPG connection, without which it is difficult to get a LPG cylinder. But most do not have this certificate and it is difficult to make it in the villages. To overcome this, the government is considering giving a connection even without proof of residence.

Take cylinder from three dealers

According to the new rule, customers will now be given the facility that they will be able to book gas from three dealers simultaneously instead of one dealer. LPG availability is often a problem with a dealer. Despite putting the number, the cylinder is not available quickly. You will be able to take gas through the same passbook from three dealers in your neighborhood.

In an interview with PTI, the oil secretary said that in the last 4 years, a record 8 crore LPG connections have been given. With this, the network of cooking gas supply has also been strengthened on a large scale. As a result, there are 29 million LPG users in the country today.

In the recently released budget, the government announced that under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUJ), 1 crore cooking gas connections will be distributed in the country for free. The government plans to increase this number to 2 crore in two years. A separate allocation for this has not been made in the budget because the subsidy going on will easily complete the distribution of connections. The government has estimated in the whole country how many people are deprived of LPG connection. It accounts for around 1 crore.

After the introduction of the Ujjwala scheme, the number of people without LPG connection has reduced considerably. Connections have been given to 29 crore people. By adding 1 crore more to it, the distribution of cylinders up to 100 percent will be completed. Preparations will be started to provide connections for the remaining people as well.

Under the Ujjwala scheme, the government gives a subsidy of Rs 1600 to the gas distribution retailer of the state. Through this subsidy, free connection is given to the people. Cylinder’s security fees and fitting charge are waived through subsidy.

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