Got old 50 paise coin? You can earn Rs 1 lakh this way

People across the world have been badly affected by the COVID-19. The deadly virus has shaken the economic condition of the people. Amid such tough time, people especially those who are having old notes and coins are earning lakhs, some even crores of rupees.

According to a report, old 50 paise coins are selling for up to Rs 1 lakh online on the online classifieds portal OLX.

As per the report, the 50 paise coin, issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has to be released in 2011. It is to be noted here that the Indian government decided to end the circulation of 25-50 paise coins in the same year.

Such 50 paise coins have now become extremely collectible and demanded online. One can sell the old 50 paise coins on the official website of OLX (

How to sell 50 paise coin

In order to sell the 50 paise coin, you have to create your profiles on OLX. After creating your profiles you need to give basic details such as name, address, email, phone number and more.

You also have to upload a clear picture of the particular coin to sell on OLX. People, who want to buy the coin, will contact you after the company (OLX) features your advertisement.

After getting calls for the Indian coin, you can negotiate with the caller and fix your deal.

You also may use other websites such as IndiaMart to sell old and collectible old coins and notes. However, you need to always remain to beware of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) frauds while using such platforms. In order to remain safe, a seller should never transfer money to the buyer by using the UPI.


  1. V.shiva Kumar says

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  3. Bantai says

    I have 50 Paisa coin

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  5. Vihaan says

    Hi I have 50 and 25 Paisa coins I wanna sell them

  6. Vihaan says

    Hi I have 50 and 25 Paisa coins I wanna sell them
    How to sell them

  7. harshit says

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