Good News For Private Employees! Government Warned Companies; Check Details


The coronavirus epidemic affected the jobs of thousands of millions. Even after the government gave the package, there were reports of layoffs from companies. But this news can make people happy.

The central government has warned companies that the company cannot replace employees who were hired as permanent workers as contract workers. There were reports that some companies were hiring their permanent employees on contract.

It is to be noted here that the Central Government had changed the labour law. Under the guise of the law, companies were hiring their permanent employees on contract. The government has warned companies about this. Also, a meeting will be held soon by the Ministry of Labour regarding the new labour laws.

According to media reports, the central government will soon make major changes in the service rules. In which the permanent job worker cannot be changed in the contract. Also, special fund rules will be made to help the laid-off employees and the government will re-skilling for them. Also, the Ministry of Labour has given its suggestions to the companies.

New Labour Code: Know how many hours more work will have to be done daily, you will also get overtime.

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The Union Labour Ministry has proposed to increase the maximum working hours to 12 in a day. This provision has been introduced in the draft of rules framed under the Professional Safety, Health and Working Conditions (OSH) Code 2020, in which intervals given during work have also been considered as part of working hours. The OSH Code was approved by Parliament this year.

However, the proposal to increase the working hours could see heavy opposition in the coming days, as the OSH code approved by the Parliament set a maximum of 8 hours of work in a day.

In order to avoid this opposition, the Ministry of Labour has notified the maximum weekly working limit of 48 hours in the notification of draft rules issued on November 19. In this situation, the maximum work for the remaining six days, except for a weekly holiday, is 8 hours per day. This new labour code will replace the existing 13 central labour laws in the country.

According to a senior Labour Ministry official, this decision has been taken keeping in mind the climatic conditions in different parts of the country. Also, this will allow workers to earn extra through overtime allowance.

“We have made adequate provisions in the draft rules so that workers can get overtime for more than 8 hours of work,” the ministry said.


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