Good News for pension holders! EPF Pension likely to hike by Rs 8,500

The government of India has brought good news for thousands of employees working in the private sector. If Supreme Court permits, the pension of employees may increase by at least Rs 8,500. Read further to know how much the salary of these central employees will increase by this decision of the Supreme Court.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has fixed a limit of Rs 15,000 on the basic salary of lakhs of employees working in the private sector and on the basis of this- pension is calculated. But, after this decision of the Supreme Court, this limit will be removed and the pension will be calculated at Rs 20,000 instead of Rs 15,000. If this happens, then the monthly pension of the employees may increase by at least Rs 8,500.

New Rule Of EPF Pension Hike

EPFO has fixed a limit of Rs 15,000 for each employee. Even if an employee’s basic salary is Rs. 50,000 or more, the PF on the salary will be calculated within Rs. 15,000 only.

However, if an employee earns more than Rs. 50,000 and wants to have his pension calculated on his/her’s current salary, will not be able to do so as EPFO has set a limit of Rs. 15,000 in the new rule.

Pension May Increase After Removing Salary Limit

A hearing on this matter is still going on in the Supreme Court. If the SC removes the salary limit, then PF will be calculated at the highest level. If the basic salary of the employees is more than Rs. 15,000 then the PF money will be deducted at the highest level.

Whatever the Supreme Court’s decision is, it will highly benefit the employees working in the private sector.

The Employees Pension Revision Scheme was notified by the Central Government on 1st September 2014. At that time, employees of the private sector opposed the scheme. EPFO then filed an SLP in the Supreme Court and following this the highest court of appeal decided to hear the case.

The court said, during the hearing of EPFO’s SLP, that the employees who are contributing on the basis of their actual salary are actually depositing with their company in the form of a joint option.

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  1. Ajith says

    How much they get if it is less than 15000/- ?

  2. K j sarma says

    How about increase in the current eps 95 pensioners pension. which is now around rs.1000 only.

  3. Subrata says

    What is the basis of Increasing Pension EPF 95:of Rs.1000.00.

  4. Jayant Nazre says

    EPF 95, this article has been published every often but practically sofar government of India has not yet woke up for favourable action.This is very much regretted and therefore please do not publish this article again and again.Nothing but your misguide old pensioners.

  5. Ojas Trivedi says

    If the salary limit is removed, will it effect the amount of pension that is given to those who have retired before 1st Sept. 2014? If yes then effective date and if not why?

  6. MUKUNDA DEKA says

    They are silent about previous cases where the retired persons are bound to take at capex limit prior to recent amendment f year 2014. Though SC took the application for consideration of pay hike of epfo pensioners under November,1995. These people are to be given justice

  7. Virginia says

    This post is, seen repeatedly since last year. But the Govt. has not done anything so far, just dangling a carrot. So y post this false news. Only when it’s, finalised. Post it. Besides my pension is still below 1000/- whom shd I approach. It’s not enough at all.

  8. CA Om Bhadada says

    Like every person I am also waiting as to when the paltry pension of Rs. 1000/- shall get revised to expected higher level but no clarity. I have written long back to EPF but it takes the shield of matter being sub-juice. Hope good news should come for us – the already retired people as well.

  9. Sneh Prabha says

    EPF provides too little a financial relief if it becomes applicable to all retirees it will be a big help for senior citizens especially in the age of eighty onwards.

  10. BMRao says

    Last salary above one lakh pm.
    Retired in 2007 Aug.
    I am paid eps…932/rs pm.ever since.

  11. U Narasimha says

    Minimum pension of eps 95 pensioner’s should be increased from present amt of Rs 1000 which is very less in this day & age,this is a long pending demand which should be considered favorably by the govt

  12. SOUREN MITRA says

    Right, what about the old pensioners who are already getting pension in old rate ? May the amount will increase from 1000/-.

  13. Vikhram Rajagopalan says

    Now it is very difficult to live with the pension we are getting out of this scheme. We should have some option to increase the amount.

  14. Amal Kumar Dey says

    If the Basic salary Rs. 10,000/- what will be the person per month.

  15. N d sharma says

    Hon,able labour minister must issue statement in this regard for the best setisfaction of the labour of the country

  16. S das says

    Government is insensitive to senior citizens. With much lower Bank interest, even railways removing concession now a fake news is posted instead of mentioning that it’s applicable to only presently working employees.
    I have decided to NEVER VOTE.

  17. Suresh Sabnis says

    The Central Govt has to look at the pension of pensioners under EPF which is a meager Rs 1000 pm for many….is it sufficient for today’s living with the current inflation.. need humanitarian consideration for the old citizen who were instrumental in building the nation with their sweat and blood….let us hope these pleas by many shall give some result..

  18. B A Sarma says

    Lots of news are pouring in regarding min pension increase….but nothing is coming into reality….I am sure that Modi government will never increase the minimum pension …
    B A Sarma

  19. Roshan Raj Anand says

    What was the b .j.p led labour was doing to increase the pension limit nothing only crying Modi Modi.Modi will make them sell tea on the road side .Ghar ghar Modi beghar b.j.p ke majdur.

  20. sk kamboj says

    suprem courts not says anything your post is fak iwant 25000/month pension all privat sec employees

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