Worship Goddess Laxmi with her favourite flowers for wealth

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Want to become rich? Here is a simple but effective way, a religious prescription. Worship the deity of wealth Goddess Laxmi with her favourite flowers. If She will be pleased, She may bless you to get as much as wealth you want.

In Hinduism, various ways have been prescribed to please different gods and goddesses. Here is a list of flowers and leaves that you can offer to the respective deities to please them.

Goddess Laxmi

Lotus is the most favourite flower of Goddess Laxmi. Besides, you can also please Her with yellow marigold flowers.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva gets pleased with any white flower. Besides, bel leaves, dhatura flowers, naagkeshar, harsingar, and aak flowers are also favourite of Shiva.

Goddess Parvati

Mata Parvati is fond of all flowers offered to Lord Shiva. Apart from that, you can offer Her Bela, white lotus, Palash, Madar, Apamarg, Champa and Chameli flowers.

Lord Ganesha

The colour red is very dear to Lord Ganesha. And His favourite is not a flower, but it is the ‘Durba’ grass.

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Goddess Durga

Most red colour flowers like hibiscus, rose are favourite of Goddess Durga. Besides, you can also offer Her lotus, mogra flower and bel leaves.

Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is very fond of lotus. You can also offer Him pink lotus, Juhi (jasmine), Kadamb, kewra, Chameli, Champa, Ashok and Basanti. Tulsi leaves are dear to Vishnu. So you can offer tulsi leaves.

Lord Hanuman

The monkey God likes chameli flower. Besides, garland made up of tulsi or aak leaves is also his favourite.

Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is the provider of education. She is pleased with any white-coloured flower including white lotus or Palash flowers.

Lord Krishna

Tulsi leaves are the most favourite of Lord Krishna. Besides, His other favourites are blue lotus, Parijatha (coral flowers) and Nandhyavattai.

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